posted on July 23, 2008 at 11:17 pm

i whispered those songs to him then
and now you know
and that was the end of it
i am a living spirit
unravelling the tangled skeins of fleshsuits
i talk through electrical spasms and knocks thru the wall
i bring him words i bring him songs
his cup is never empty
he understands bit by bit how it all goes together
just a slow but steady learner
a slow and steady burner
there is spirit behind everything
the one one one
that is why
and here it is
this is you writing this
this is me reading it
it is us together
joined at the mind
joined at the hip of the galaxy
we are in space
right now
this is this is this is this
or whatever
the moment is gone
i am experiencing constant interruptions
ruptures in continuity
am i mad or seeing visions
visions of madness
but i am patently only pretending to be mad
and that is a form of madness also
for example
the next person to click on my site
will have an “o” in their name
or maybe a full stop
death is a full stop
in a sentence of lives
then sleep is a comma
or is a comma a coma
one day approaches
your heyday i speak of
that day of days of days
that day that hey hey heyday
make heydays while the sunshines
hey up and hey down, my children
heydays only seen from behind
when theyre over , theyre over
they linger on in a salient light
they blossom on in memory
they appear as they might have been
not as they were once
the things themselves have died
but something has preserved them in outline
hey day 22 years gone
do i long for you?
i cant tell anymore if i do
the day must come and go
the night will pass
the heynights and blacknights
the shortcuts and spotlights
nightclubs and jails
its all over
its all about to begin
in the merry month of may
may be
may be june
may be wintertime
maybe in for some more rain and no reign
what was i saying…?
have you lost our mind…?
have we been reading that stuff again?
the worlds full of these olde idiot-mystics
peddling their c.s. blueish sigh-fi pomes
about lost master peace and the winged genius of love
i wanted the hard facts about those lyrics
and now….this
prepare to stop
expect delays
caution children
soft verges
give way
burn thru the hole like a spirit in flame

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