posted on August 10, 2011 at 11:21 pm

smacked actor

that stupid fucking zephyr

with his miraculous sustain and the vibrato of a hemi moor

down with constantine drinking hemlock cups

a scene from an early work in black and in white

man he could play

ma’am he could lay

he could lay his hands on the neck of an old idol

summoning rock before christ

the good samaritan well his whispered words are morphine

the angel of mercy with her tattoo of the moon

the herald of doom laughing all the way to the future

the frenzied monks and the bleeding freaks

i represent the fallen and the weak

my stash is a legend my hotel on drums

and they stage armageddon and no bastard comes

and the technical requirements are a mike and a ray

and the dimensions irrelevant its always today

hey kids remember how samson brought the house down

i saw apollo slay the crowd in detroit

zephyr with his velvet hair

concealed amidst the budding groves

t’was spring my lady as the flowers mingled with the ashes

the graveyard over looking the sea so silent but you were alone

wonder if i’ll be waiting for you as they hammer up my house in heaven

zorro the foxy spanish lover and his dreaming sword

byrd fleming who flew to the sun

icarus crook with his synch and his hook

the gentlest touch will  take us all there

oh lordy numb like a number one hit

this babylon stuff why its cut with some shit

this desert before you is the realer mirage

this morning the ache of the evening before

the revolving cosmos was trapped in my skull

a weird little mannikin appeared through a curtain

dressed all in finery from some rococo antiquity

an angry little fucker and possessor of a few nasty spells

magic is whatever you lack at that moment

magic is asking a favour of nature

magic is coming back from the living

baby have me over your ziggurat more often

you know i will meet you by the pool of eternal remembrance

where the reflections of the slain are black in its depths

and the virgins who drowned were eaten by sea snakes

zephyr took a gig and traded memory for speed

oh man he came tumbling out of his olympian summer

yeah i love the naked maenads but their kisses are bitter

oh jesus resurrected with divine electricity

oh son of man see your song linger on and on

oh they killed you for nothing

no one could understand

you were just a cool cat in a wrong time n land

the guys in the group are leaderless tonight

the audiences of apothecaries and alchemists to see how its done

the grim brothers lost in their own arthur rackham forest

the castle where the disgusting monster sleeps chained

the king of ethiopia speaks such perfect crocodile

the maestro of transformers (such an irony) frozen in flux

a grotesque little goblin fallen into money

still his nose is a pigs and his voice is an asses

his headlock on luck is draining my spine

3 sisters appear in frame left untitled

their names neatly printed in fading blurred ink

jezebel the eldest with the black eyes of a zebra

maria the second mother of lambs

and finally joanie who got her own ark

and the animal men went in two by two

the goat and the bear and the ox and the boar

all of these stories and much more

at the time being these days

who knows whats in store …..



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