posted on March 14, 2011 at 5:43 pm

                           the white afternoon blurs

cant find a beginning

i guess i’ll start here

the white afternoon and its blur

a silence of winds and faint bird sounds

the trees move according to their branches and leaves

scarlet sits here quietly eating apricots and sometimes sighing

with her huge blue eyes she regards the bleak afternoon

eventually she says nice day today dad isnt it?

coloured prayer flags flutter n flap next door at the nepalese place

city enveloped in a cloud

weird crimson moon comes out of nowhere

the girls and friends come home

run round the house stamping and yelling out

giggling squabbling chattering full on

the windows rattle and bang

i have misplaced my superpowers today

some mirrors are kind but not many

white screen sears my eyes as i type

coloured lights hanging red and yellow

black kitten purrs on my chair

the ending remains elusive

so i might as well stop there





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