posted on October 11, 2011 at 8:51 pm

gnieb emit eht

the world turns on and on

us flawed humans with our skull full of blues

us semi angel dusk creatured in edenic double single

we half demon i am slim mr death in my mansuit of black

oh there is magic oh yes there really fucking is

wild disastrous coincidences abound

like mesosaurs in seas of possibilities

it appears that justice is hidden and random

the good die young

but could it be that that is actually a reward not a punishment….?

a mystery

theyre never gonna solve it either

cat and dogs will always fight

men and women will always break each others hearts

suspicion will exist between young and old

the ignorant will attempt to control the unknown

the genius will attempt to control the unknown too

so how can you tell em apart?

for every husband who loves my music

there is a wife who hates my groovy sounds

people are strange they are stark raving mad

dont count on numbers dont count on names

if you must call me something call me decider

my oh my how history will repeat

what did you learn from the last one million years

we are the idiots that nailed up jesus christ after all of us

and if he did not indeed exist than if he had

then we still would have nailed him

john kennedy john lennon bobby kennedy MLK

gandhi and witches and artists and intellectuals

and strangers and foreigners and everyone else

a crusade on anyone who might have a clue

or holding out on some possible secret

this wild scenario if you will

a substance found in the bark of a particular tree

which is found all over the world strangely enough in different forms

but essentially the same thing

is declared implicitly so evil that to possess it means you may go to jail

thats how bad it is

thats how bad they wanna protect you from its harmful effects

that it may or may not have on you

who are the clowns in this circus ?

who is so frightened of some arcane knowledge ?

who drowned brian jones in his bath of sleep?

who declares the god of natures gifts not fit for my use?

why do they give us vodkas and wars?

why do they take away sacraments and precious things?

anyway one day something will happen

we all wake up and we all get our day in court

i’m just following my mind here

my semantic hyper priming is valve bouncing

waves of neural electricity saturate my freak brain

jeff buckley in vision singing his sweet voice home

i invoke all spirits of song to fly to me

my command of our dead language is fading

i call upon indra the god of heaven :

send your daughter to earth again

the ghost music infringes copyright in the beyond

i’m rolling lucky tonight you will never know

i will fall

we all will

but not yet

not while my ride takes me out of shadows reach

before i come tragically undone

outdrawn by some hipster in deadwood

gunned up at sundown shot down shot gun bang

old and weak i will be eaten by the aunts who come out

hapless hopeless helpless alas and a lack

our understanding is faulty

our administering of pity …is it wrong…?

i abjure to my enchanted slumber

i will orchestrate a dream of such magnificent ambiguity

and lose myself in its perfect blur




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