posted on October 21, 2012 at 12:08 pm

uncondition apply

on the day school ended mesmer was in his room

with his skeleton voices and his spirit key

with his muslin control dart with his familiar charge

with his blast of iodine wine see weed full of soul

mesmer mesmer mesmer…!

call the mes-mermaids

in his room in the hotel by the sea

where palm trees crackle neon armour garden

drinks smokes girls coloured lights

warm stormy weather make mesmer wander

i say  :

mesmer leave your room with its gadgets and mini bar

so mesmer wanders through the tree lined aves

so mesmer approaches the sea in his white linnet suit

in his statement of intents he pulls on a clause

he dressed in flowery words from another old time

he dons musk limit oil saturated thread bear strong

in whirlpool of white star in vortex of matter

mesmer in his costume oh such a sight to see

all the lovely ladies ….


mesmer by the rockpools with his crab and mussel

mesmer with the tourist inside of hustle bristle

now he jumps into the greenish waves

that roll out to the shore like little moving aqualine hills

like opaline dream all green and hush….the screen…..

we see mesmer appear down here where the shadows sound sincere

little bleaters lotus eaters from st peters own town st paul

i cracked every nut i peeled back the shell and there was nothing there

on the shore of my nescience i’m shorted out in my under-whirled where

mesmer is such a fine sight to see

in his lobster house hymn dimly aware of the stars

he conks out on his plonk when he awake the ache break out

mesmer wake with stranger on his sea

she drowning under surfers turbulent murmurs

in fact she prefer this

on new years eve steve and mesmer hit tequila round the dealers

the esplanade is gone somehow now

and all those girls we kissed up and down loves lane

they have faded into an old pain





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