posted on April 23, 2012 at 8:37 pm


all gold i touch turns to me

technique is nothing

magic is everything

the weather speaks to my bones

plummeting free and quite the slipper

sun shines from holes in the volcanic black rock

what could he grasp at now, old faust ?

from undersea springs a devil

ugly and stinking of brimstone

what have you got left to sell?

i have only my life left to sell

i’ll take it! i’ll take it…!

the penguins dive deep under the floes

smooth rubbery killer whales in red water

the endless sea snake wrapped the ship in darkness

i panic in a cabin somewhere

i have speared something too big to pull in

leviathan writhes on my fucking hook in the blackness man

i have reached into void and i have found something elusive there

something unexpected like the rain

an idea is fixed in head

a dream solidified in dripping fresh matter

this is then your lifeĀ 

pale fresh bled dawn

feel sick in the crashing light

the ocean swirls around thick black green

dolphinfish appear bearing mer-people

the beaked ships cut through the seas

and a new crete is on the horizon again



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