posted on May 12, 2015 at 12:18 am
mid knight

mid knight

the all father my baby

thought on one shoulder

memory on the other

why i give my eye

for that loss i gain

staring down at this world of men

hanging high in the ash tree cinders

i rescind myself to fate

i rekindle myself to fire

sadly flaming on for no one

nothing can stop this twilight

turning into night

once in the spring when everything was king sun

i followed the swans to their southern idyll

still basking by the river euphrates

or else lebanon land of cedar forest

the hermit deep within a candle room

meditating on gods grace almost face to face

there the prayer they gave

some will i save for myself

what on earth is this world

without the wealth swirled in her streams

how can i tremble so

below skies in vibrato

where is the sense in that

i’m condensing and coalescing

bless his endeavour whether  like it or not

the all father is all you got


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