posted on March 8, 2010 at 9:36 am

into the million dollar night
where stars doth burn
unto which all souls return
where the rivers murmur
of the silver future
and the golden sun
which blesses everyone
has gone to its pasture in the greater beyond
and the noises grow quiet
a boat approaches in the milky moonlight
that falls on the oars and the hands that row
neon hooded eyeline grows
she rushes through the rushes as she goes
in a cloak of silkskin and web
she walks with her wolf
whose name is insistent
at her side flies a spider
who talks down inside her
uni-fawn rider
egypt is agog
asleep in a hollow fog
i soothe the savage beasts that swarm to inform
and i wing the woods and dells
aye with my potions and spells
yes my dizzy spells you know too well
i faint as much as i paint
and i aint no quaint plaintiff with some mere complaint
the night is filled with music tho it be silent on your island
island of warm darkness feel it heal you
it deals you the hierophants hand
its real its rich its now its night
wander for a while childe thru that starlight
the boats have sailed
the light has paled
the dream is upon you again
that dream of another time
dream brother sublime
there is a new suite in the wind
played by the rustling trees which i have orchestrated for thee
the birds and geese the pelicans and the soaring albatross
the elves themselves yes
and the droning bees
(never kill bees childe)
may the west woods resonate there
as autumn comes and walks thru the fairest
still slightly sunburned by the old summer
who has now fled leaving behind this faint red
oh million $ nite
tomorrow all the money in the world
will never bring you back
so wander in its black
quieten your mind a bit down the track
midnight arrives in deepest blue
calling down the line to you
million $ night
all right

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