posted on January 12, 2014 at 6:12 pm
healthy wealthy and wise oh well one outta 3 aint bad

healthy wealthy and wise
oh well one outta 3 aint bad

this blog is for david rundle

who is not only my accountant but a good good friend

and also a church/kilbey expert

david was concerned he’d heard and read and seen too much “druggy”stuff

about me lately

and was hoping that i have maintained my fitness regime.

well yes i have.

i swim somewhere between a 500 metres and a kilometre every day

i still do yoga almost every day, in fact i’m gonna do it as soon as i finish this.

and i walk a real lot. and i never sit around munching on food or guzzling booze.

i dont smoke cigs but i smoke weed

it kinda keeps me rolling along

its not for everybody but nor is riding a unicycle.

my way isnt everybodys way

kids dont smoke dope before yer 18 and dont smoke dope if youre already crazy!

dont smoke dope if youre already paranoid or delusional

do smoke dope if youre an artist or musician and you’d like some help

ive written 780 registered songs and all of em involved dope

big deal. i am neither proud of that nor ashamed

if you think thats too naughty for you go read some other mothers blog

thats the facts

i’m coming up 60 and i’m still churning the stuff out

i’m still fucking rocking baby and rolling a bit too

i think faster than when i did when i was young

my mind and body and spirit are in some sort of harmony although not perfect

the swimming in that seawater pool or down at a netted harbour beach

its like dunking myself in a bath of negative ions

i rise up each morning refreshed

the sea i have to have it

i cannot will not live away from or without the sea

everything comes from the sea

it is my saviour my solution my salve

yoga baby yoga oh god what are you all waiting for?

you gotta do yoga its gonna help you in everything you do my little fiends

wanna play better guitar: yoga

wanna be a better sportsman: yoga

wanna be a better person: yoga

it just works trust me i have no axe to grind

you just gotta do it

and thats that spring in my step

that bounce in the ankles

the flexibility of my knees

the source of my energy

the way i now open up and let the music flow thru me

instead of trying to trap it: yoga

the reason i am still a contender and why the next church album will be our best: yoga

whatever: yoga

and then my almost-vegan diet

yeah i slip up and not a pure vegan

i dont fucking care of what anybody thinks of what i eat

ive been arguing with people for 45 years over it

its boring…can you do what i do?

Can you run around onstage carrying a heavy plank of wood for 3 hours?

i am fit and healthy and strong. dont worry about me

moving closer all the time to my masterpiece whatever it will be

i got wrinkles and stuff

but in all other ways i dont feel any different to when i was 18

‘cept i’m more flexible and not as lazy

therefore i presume i am doing something right

and i presume smokin’ dope cant be that bad for ya tho i dont recommend it per se

but it sure worked out well for me and sir paul ? right?

my spirit runs this whole show

like a driver it drives my body via my mind

these three things must be brought into balance

although a surplus of soul will never go astray

listen to your spirit

listen to your body

dont listen so much to your mind



and pray

be in all three worlds

you are angel man beast

cater to all three

dont neglect the needs of your component parts

meat will fuck you right up

its the truth n becoming truer every single day as more people see the light

if you eat meat youre giving yourself a severe disadvantage despite all the exercise

if you drink loads of booze or smoke loads of cigs

then youre ruining yourself quicker than ya think

i am the proof in my pudding

i am nearly sixty and age aint slowed me down one little bit

this is how i am doing it

you could follow my example because it obviously works

i am kicking ass and trying to unlock the inner mysteries of what i do

thats me

i got my problems too

i aint perfect yeah you know

i make mistakes and i do wrong things

i am angry and anxious and all the rest

a bit of a flake

but for sixty almost

i dont feel too fucking bad

in fact,

i feel pretty fucking good

do whatever y’all like

but what i do has sure worked out well for me

so far…..





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