posted on December 10, 2007 at 12:55 pm

blue tablets cut in quarters
outside at 3 a m
sitting alone and naked
in the deep shadow of the doorway
i look up at the navy blue sky
the stars pulse in time with my heartbeast
the stars are shining within black circles
on the navy blue sky
mars and venus emanating in space
the stars have voices
i can hear them in the shadows
the stars throb in tune with my bad ear
the sky knows me
the stars constrict and release
those black circles around them
like holes containing diamonds
some stars disappear and reappear
the stars voices are brittle
i understand them for the first time
i hear them with my eyes
delicious theyre saying in icy voices
yum yum they tinkle and crash
the houses are all outlined in black
everything crudely chucked on realitys collage
the air is grainy
the night is warm
suddenly clouds glide overhead
whispering vapours
like stingrays they flap on the navy blue
the clouds blanket the stars and the night turns purple
i can hear the stars
even if i cant see them
in the black round spaces where they sit and burn
in galaxies so far far off
worlds that cannot be reached by travel
the sky deeper than the sea
the constellations woven on a black sheet
layer upon layer of space
the fabric of thought
the stream of amorous love
the way home
the detour
the delay
say the stars

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