posted on April 17, 2008 at 9:19 pm

horrible dreams and aches pursue me still
things eating (at) me
things put off till tomorrow
well now tomorrow was months ago
i walk through the darkened house
into my room where i type my rants
one of the greek girls downstairs is dating a real “straight”
his lovely black gleaming car is parked downstairs
his moon roof has been left undone
and oh dear ….its raining…
possessed by this sight
i stand like a gleeful moron
watching the rain going in his nice car
an angel on my right shoulder says
steven go down and tell them!
the devil on the left says
oh ha ha ha ha!!
the devil on the left shoulder also says to the angel
ma’am …youre wasting your breath today…he’s mine
the rain picks up a little
the killer smiles
i become the killer
the killer smiles again or scowls
both his desks are piled 4 inches high with stuff
like an old alchemist all confused
mixing up the wrong mixtures
transmuting gold into lead
scrying for tiny daemons
the killer is doing a painting of jim morrison
there he sits on my paper
iridescent metallic blue green white flames flare from his head
his hair is a swirling sea of gold silver and bright colours
his face is one tone bluey pink with a kind of photo realism
his beard is blue a solid mass of blue but it needs doing more
jimbo jimbo jimbo…..ah
yeah i mean great i guess
i mean i dunno
girl leaves downstairs
uh oh the other girls boyfriend has parked very close
in his big black fast car
she..oh..the cars are all dirty and wet
yet she is forced to squeeze herself between them to gain access
she gets her door open
then she flops down into seat sideways
she sits there and looks up
she sees the roof is open about 6 inches
she sits there a bit longer brushing at water
then suddenly
she feels her wet bum
and jumps out of the car but slowly
cos its a tight fit
oh distress oh pity
the stupid little devil laughs himself silly
the angel asks
but what about the yoga
but what about the sage..
what about her wet arse sniggers the devil again
launching himself into coughs and splutters
the killer loses interest in this malarkey
back to the serious things whatever they are
financial monsters are slowly growing
picking up their inevitable interest
their fine print and fines
they give and then they take
bamboozling me in sticky debt
broke like an old string
hammers and tax
crunch must be coming
yes yes
tomorrow tomorrow
and all the rest too
today however
i am attending a college in the eastern subs
where i will be talking about songwriting for one hour
and earning 110 dollars
not exactly a fortune
but not to be sneezed at neither
i hope its better than some of my other forays in education
lets face it i’m not the teacher type
im all over the place
and im talking in terms
yer average aussie punter
doing time at an art college
so he can still get the dole
he just doesnt understand what im talking about….
would a real songwriter
go to songwriting school?
my use of any lessons or tips
ive ever had or gleaned
were to augment my own self instruction
i taught myself to write n play n sing n paint n blogge
and it really shows… chuckles the devil on my shoulder
i overhear a coversation in the kitchen
and i poke my head round the door
mum can i read you a story? asks eve
brandishing a book about animals
its called the lion she says
dad wont like it says aurora
why not ?says mum
its got meat in it she says
he doesnt mind lions eating meat do you? mum asks
i think all lions should eat tempeh ! i say
they like my jimbo picture
one of your best ever they all say
the drizzle still drizzles
yeah teacher teach us a songman
after that im gonna play bass on someones record
then im meeting a friend at a cafe in bondi
the future seems foreboding
sydney is enveloped in a rainy mist
i dont feel cosy or comfortable
i feel raw
waiting for the chop
on notice
under observation
bills wend their way
next week a tv show and a wedding
wedding made me offer i couldnt refuse
im a jack of all fucking trades now
does your hedge needing bustling
does your guitar need elocution lessons
want a voiceover on your wedding nite
(cos my dulcet tones n cool accent are way better than the grooms)
(go man go !says little devil)
would you consider a little ambiguity with your fries
howabout a dong over the head with a fender bass?
thatll make you see some sense
you nailed it says devil
you nailed it!

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