posted on June 21, 2009 at 8:37 pm

yeah we did alright
my bass n i synch up
i love that fucking piece of wood
its my staff
its my wand
we are in deepest symbiosis
we are in love
no one else can play it like me
only to me does it offer itself up completely
so i play it at the h.o.b. chicago
what a gorgeous venue
what treatment n hospitality
what sumptuous groovy dressing rooms
(tonites is a damp burned out basement)
we did ok there
afterwards a bit of a feeding frenzy to get stuff signed
people really get into it over here dont they?
people carrying on as if…..
….they just saw the best band in the world……
meanwhile after show drive outta chicago
for hours n hours thru into whizz-consin
(looking just like perth)
stay at another anon hotel
get to sleep at 4
get up at 9
5 hours sleep like death
like black exhaustion
my wife….ah….my wife
sends me some pictures of herself
and i am stunned by her beauty
and how fucking gorgeous she is
and getting better n better with age
the pictures gob smack me
dear nk alias duckling dalton
you are officially the bees knees
and uh
i wish the 13 year old me
had happened upon these pictures
i think he may have had a religious experience
oh my lord!
moving right along
before i become becalmed in my wifes ample charms
we get up early n drive to minneapolis
i like it here
we are playing a very funky old theatre
its pretty bohemian
(is this what the odditorium is like?)
outside hippies n cops n frat boys
sometimes i despair for american malehood
for every brad pitt theres 4 million frat boys
or groan up frat boys
big pink round guys
stop with the beers n meat , fellas
cant ya see whats happening here…?
it wont be the commies or terrorists that getcha
itll be the colonel or ronald the clown
99 billion served says the golden arches proudly
i vomit my contempt
99 billion acres of forests destroyed
99 billion cows executed
99 billion greasy french fries going through sick stomachs
99 billion pigs fat ice creams served up
99 billion extra pounds hanging off the worlds guts
99 million times bad karma
one day we will all look back on this as a horror
the meat industry is the cancer in societys bowels
and the poor victims are the cows and the sick carnivores who eat em
such a shame
such a shame
meanwhile i experiment with eating hardly anything
and throwing myself into yoga
i want to be a performer
i want to rock and never stop
i want the glory and the power
i want the men to envy me
i want to bring the house down
i want to hit you on every level like the devil
i want it all
i want to do it right
i have the best bass n best wife in the world( for me)
the curves and angles
the sights and the sounds
im a lucky man
i hope you understand
more chances than i de-serve or what
my life..a comedy a tragedy a huge lesson
come along and see the show
buy my new box set poem music art thingo
total immersion experience
now for a bit more yoga
ok now for a bit more jazz
ok now for a bit more music
ok now
so go
go n do it
n tell em sk sent ya
and that the proofs in his pudding
and that verily
he doth rock

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