posted on December 12, 2006 at 5:00 am

lovely cold summer day
forlorn n empty sea beats uselessly
against the shore
elli n minna arrive
we see eve n aurora
in song n dance number
at the pavillion
scarlet starts crying
the seagulls crying outside
the wind comes down from the south
ice cold
in a cafe
sipping warm drinks
the baby gabbles n gobbles a bickie
elli shows johnny her scar
minnas hair has been cut
the falcon purrs along to airport
the rain spits on the windscreen
the coast is wreathed in cloud
riders on the storm
dark wet night coming down
my wife waits up to soothe me
energy has engulfed me
the stars shine on opaquely
as the afternoon just vanishes
like a candle in a library
or a meaning in the hidden
the weary ones come home now
their day has come n vanished
along the coastal margins
the squeezing of big city
apparently im drifting
nothing left to hold me
approaching zero speed now
can you feel the rhythm
tell me what suggests it
tell me who you love me
walking in a circle
around the total centre
circling the salons
and vexing in the contrast
musical vespucci
parallel uni-cycle
oh thats good i grant you
singing all your old songs

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