posted on October 2, 2008 at 8:42 pm

a while ago
one of my readers
who i am probably yet to thank
sent me a book
“operating manual for spaceship earth”
which i sat down n read in almost one go
just over last couple of days
written by r buckminster fuller
a name i was predisposed towards liking
after seeing it so much in robert anton wilsons work
wilson of course wrote those great books
eye in the pyramid
golden apple
universe next door
schrodingers cat etc
(which perhaps are the subject of another blog)
i was marvelling at this book written in 1969
how incredibly perceptive and erudite it was
with revolutionary ideas (you just gotta read it!)
until the man completely blows his cred
(after all his exhortations to think outside the box)
and completely gets it wrong
with his arch-ignorant summation of hindu philosophy
which he tries to posit in simplistic and erroneous terms
and suddenly
i felt like his whole book was worth nothing
“…it is their religious belief that life on earth is meant to be
exclusively a hellish trial and that the worse the conditions
encountered by the individual the quicker his entry into heaven.
all this because they had no other way to explain lifes hopelessness”
“it is paradoxical that indias population should starve
as one beef cattle for every 3 people wander through indias streets,
blocking traffic as sacred symbols of nonsense. probably some
earlier conquerors intent to reserve the animals for their exclusive
here we go
fuller with all his insistence on the physical AND metaphysical
reduces indias sublime and subtle philosophy to this
and in doing so
appears as ignorant as any olde man on the street
and that will be the wests great undoing
to underestimate the incredible mind of india
and to deem its superb complicated thoughts superstitions
and this leads me on to the beautiful practice of yoga
which means union or yoke
(see how close the sanskrit is to english here)
yoga yoke
yoke yerself to the universe is what it means
and it accounts for my renewal
after i was ready to pass into nothingness
as you were reading the other day
i’m doing it twice a day now
in an attempt to double speed the process up
because i want more of the gifts yoga bestows
whatever they may be
you be the judge
a man immersed in total yoga
would seem as a magician or superman
this system and philosophy
this series of poses
this way of devotion (bhakti)
this way of knowledge
of kings
of warriors
is all you will need
if you want to be the best
and fuck it all
i do
i wanna be the best in the world at what i do
(heres a little paradox for ya)
we all could be the best
there are all these disciplines out there…
yeah you should really try one
yoga is lovely stuff indeed
you gotta percy vere a little
you maynt love it the first time
(a bit like anything really…)
india gave us this yoga
and i humbly take my hat off to her…

getting very bored with our wag again
i cant believe my comments get hi jacked
for this puerile unfunny aggressive rudeness
against other commentors
i dont care new or old
you are no longer a wag
you are now merely a bore and a boor
you dont piss anyone off like, say,
a tornado or a rattlesnake or a goblin would
no sir
you piss us off
the way halitosis or a flat tyre or a maggot would
see the difference
not OH NO!!!
but errrr no
you are a complete failure
not funny
not controversial
not pithy
not facetious
just rude
like a common or garden yobbo on the street
a sydney street
a sheffield street
a san francisco street
a yob is a yob is a yob
ok im gonna turn the anons off again
for a while
i love peoples comments
and it saddens me to do so
is this what the boor wants
to shut down his host mechanism..?
like a kind of cancer
he uses up the very thing he preys off
how interesting…..not

some of you miss the point with mal n me
of course i dont think i could do his job
or even would want to
the man is a fuckin rhodes scholar and has a fistfull of degrees
hes smug cos hes brilliant
i write about destiny n fate not my wanting to be him
(i wouldnt mind some of ‘is filthy lucre, obviously)
but i just think its a great story
the 2 teenage boys who meet up oh so long ago
we hated each other
like a panther and a baboon would
and now look at us
cos folks thats where ultra-“straight” can get ya
and where
ultra” bohemian” can get you
a palace by the water with butlers n yachts
2 little lapdogs and a nice suit
a rental duplex in bloody bondi beach
with 3 genius daughters
a lovely wife
no money
and a pair of shorts

which do you prefer?
muse; if only you could mix n match….

bear in mind this is my diary
its for me as much as you
i work stuff out on here for myself
i talk my self thru it in words
you will see me contradict myself
up one day
down the next
say one thing
do another
i do whatever the fuck i like
you cant hold me accountable
emptor cave!
i am an ancient hippy rocker
i have no allegiance to any but lord vishnu
who is definitely a male
and from whom all blessings flow
on off
hot cold
yin yan
male female
i dunno
i didnt plan it that way
but thats how it surely is

hare krishna
io ao io zeus ammon
jesus loves me!
a big hello to allah
hey hey jehovah
yeah yeah lord shiva
go buddha go

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