posted on November 5, 2007 at 4:10 am

clarity somewhere
shining on thru
my heart tells me what to say
my mind now assists
thank you lord for yoga
its dawning on me
what you say
what is it dawning on you?
oh so hard to say
are there things that are unsayable?
something elusive
something lovely but vague
a warm rush of pleasure
the appearance of intuition
power and ability focusses
it occurs that one can do anything
but you must invest your time and love
oh i know thats the part you dont wanna hear
love you say you can give but not time
nothing that takes time time being you say
we need the shortest cut
we need the quickest root
we need the time bypass
we need the fastest fix
please dont hurry it
look you need a leap of faith
give yoga your time and faith
put faith in yoga it will not let you down
practice going lightly
move like tiger on vaseline
feline agile and certain
yoga will bring you up to speed
your deep heart will be heard amongst the brains thousand voices
you are not your mind
yes that needs to pass through your mind
but still i say
you are not your mind
your mind is to be harnessed
watch it writhe at first
as it thrashes around
but eventually comes stillness
the yoke
you are yoking that mind of yours to a great purpose
even if no one really understands this purpose
or its full import
or even a glimmer of what it is
yoga is not the only path
there are others
all demanding much
there is no easy way in
into what you say
in where?
getting in tune
becoming yourself
you are like a machine
that can do a hundred things
but you know only know how to do 3 or 4
you use a tiny percentage of your potential
you have a mansion but you live in the hallway
there are many types of yoga
the physical asanas are just a part
yoga is letting the universe work for you
going with the flow
making your life a work in progress
going softer
more subtle
more atuned
more surfing the ebb and flow of opportunity
more being in the groove
being able to spot potential a mile off
sexual prowess yes if you want it
calmer mind if you need it
stamina and ability to deliver
if only if only
i had been doing yoga all those years
i might have truly amazed you
after almost 5 solid years though
the transformation is underway
intuitively incorporating swimming
for its gentle exercise
for its regulation of breath
for its discipline
for its cold sea water everyday
for its energising qualities always manifested
these 2 things alone operating on me
agents of change
by the age sixty
i will just be starting
my limbs will be limber
my sinews and muscles aligned
my blood pressure low as it is now
my heart beating slowly as it is now
my mind working (for me) nimbly
my compassion developing
i want whatever it is yoga can
and is
giving me so bad
it is a human potentiator
what do you want from life?
yoga could give it to you
thats why im out on the balcony 90 mins every day
im easing into it
the postures i once hated
now feel like old friends
my body and my soul thank me for every pose
i breathe into poses
i let go the tension and pain that inhibits me
blood is pumped through organs
the glands are bathed in blood too
every thing is massaged and soothed
you gain height as your bones move back apart
as the muscles release in your back and legs
i look at the trees and flowers
i look at the sky and clouds
sometimes i see right through them
realities dissolve
principles of art occur to me
pieces of philosophy i suddenly grasp
or mysteries from my own life solved
or i gaze into the intangible
which really has no description
i feel like calmly elated
this may take some time
this may happen only occaisionally at first
meditation will compound yogas effects
the 2 go hand in hand
one will deepen the other
if you want the sublimest thing
yoga can give it
like doing a degree at university or an apprenticeship
or learning an instrument or a language
nothing happens at once
you will need continuous yoga
to flush the gossip
the envy
the television
the fear
the pressure
the insults
the humiliations dished out n received
the heavy weight of the world
the electric pollution
the sonic pollution
the terrible things you have eaten
the awful drugs or drink you had
but if you persevere
and yoga will even give you the will to persevere
then slowly but surely you will improve
youll still get old and die
but youll feel a lot better getting there
you may become interested in matters cosmic
you may develop other senses
or just feel better
give it a try
its ttb recommended

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