posted on November 28, 2005 at 11:32 pm

working on my mimesis project
yr gonna love it
finishing off some paintings
bit o this
bit o that
pool closed today cos of monstrous waves
had a swimmy in the sea with johnny
getting good reaction to bwtb
of course my darlings its the choich
people all in a tizz about this word “JAM”
everythings a jam
im jamming now with this keyboard
the church jammed bwtb
the church jammed starfish
before that i jammed every song i ever wrote
even if i was just jamming c f and g for unguarded whatsit
its all a big fucking jam
how else can ya get things done
i jam when i cook
see what happens
all a dialogue of impro
so there ya go
do yerselves a favour
and JAM
sydney looming closer
2 dec
be there
or be elsewhere

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