posted on April 22, 2008 at 1:22 am

despite whatever i said before
im doing the tv show
why not
with my new “one size fits all” persona
my startlingly youthful pizazz for an old geezer
(yoga n veganism)
with humour back on the agenda
with reintroducing myself
as avuncular smart dashing venerable idiot
refugee from the rocknroll wars
trippy stupid eccentric bopping fool
or whatever
a washed up ninny hoping for exposure
who can pinpoint the myriad causes that precipitate an event?
im fuckin’ art-ic-u-late too baby
now dont ya forget aint too many articulate rockers
maybe im too fuckin articulate for my own good
cos im not the dumb savage type at all
but perhaps need more of that for balance
i went to rehearsal
everybodies lovely
everybodies relaxed
the band are very nice
actually theyre very good
the cream i mutter as i greet them
one guy oscillates between guitar n keys so easily
like speaking two languages at once
he sits there nursing the guitar and playing the keys
back n forth in one song
the bass n drums are immaculate in precision n professionalism
a quality i used to despise
but now i start to appreciate it
theyre friendly geezers
we do my song
they do it nicely authentically
we run thru duet with the female guest
which she chose
a song of grants
not my first choice
but hey im easy going and it sounded ok
so im happy
everybody from tv show is very nice
i know it would be a better read if i was throwing a tanty
but i didnt
rehearsal was smooth sailing
im a vintage performer now
my origins are lost in the mists of time
i come on n do this 27 year old song
its just like the trees outside the window
there he is
some old white bearded fella
still quite trim despite the years
hes on the quiz show
hes singing his song
hes genial n relaxed n approachable
like any 53 year old should be
i write these words for myself
trying to understand who i am
what i do
how i can do it better
ive blown my mystique i know
years ago
in so many ways
i am now operating mystiqueless
unless you think my formidable abilities
is mystique in itself
or even just a silly sod
having ‘imself on
a temporary blip
nothing special
still anxious to do a good job though
still wanna sing n be funny n make em want more
isnt that what im sposed to do?
i believe i can do any showbiz thing now
magic tricks
diving off bridges
disappearing into thin air
im gonna be alright
i handle all terrain now
ive just done an hour of yoga n chi gong
im gonna go for walky
im gonna meet my daughters who are down here
at 730 i’ll hit that stage
dazzlingly suave groovy rococco urbane mishmash of coolness
belting out the hits
and making the people chuckle
is that as noble an ambition as transcendence thru art?
maybe not….
but it is an exercise
in doing what you do do well
working within a given framework
and getting the most out
while putting the most in
and making it look easy
right on!

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