posted on March 27, 2009 at 8:38 pm

i am not at home today
me n nk are up at capt missions groovy beach shack
on the northern beaches of sydney
he even lent us his car to get here….
its a real proper hippy beach pad too
full of plants and cactii
and books n cds n dvds all on esoteric things
its surrounded by trees n lovely lawns
and i really must say
that me n the lovely nk are having a great time
its a whole other vibe up here
in avalon n newport
the trees n everything is different
missions got posters of david bowie
and a little balcony with a hammock
hes got recording equip n guitars
hes got big colourful cushions
and nice furniture
the sun streams in the kitchen window
the birds sing outside
a different tune to be sure from bondi
there are no children
its so quiet
our bedroom is painted crimson
missions kitchen is an explosion of stuff
this morning is so very soft
mission has candles n lanterns
mission has some lovely incense
you lucky bastard
living here all alone with your loyal hound
you dabble in this n that
searching for your huge calm truth
yeah you guys remember mission from my night on the vine
hes the guy who collapsed in wonder
at how beautiful the vegetal kingdom was
after he stepped outside in the morning
the wonder of it all
the love swept him off his feet
now you dont want that every day i guess
but imagine
just once
you suddenly see this world thru the eyes of a stranger
you see the flowers
you see the leaves
you see the trees
you see the bees
and for the 1st time
you suss the huge intelligence n love behind it all
no we are not random splodges of flesh
we are creatures
created by our creator
who is bold enough to name him?
lord vishnu has 1000 names
he has 1000 magnificent attributes each needing a name
vishnu who holds the spheres in their orbit
vishnu who dreams up worlds as he sleeps
universes pour out of his pores
and everything is created and in its place
to perform this dance of maya
and every now n then
you meet some guys
you know their dancing days are nearly done
by their gentle grace and demeanour
softly spoken men with no ego agenda
note : this iS NOT ME
but real gentlemen
with the emphasis on gentle
the kind of man who can dig a buncha fleurs so heavily
that his fucken knees give out
he was paralysed with the enormous cosmick plan
and it fucken floored him
facing yourself on some exotic powerful manifestation of nature
eg the vine or the bark or the mushroom or the cactus
is just about the bravest thing you can do
you never know what ya gonna find
and shifty ambitious geezers like moi
sometimes get a blast from outta their past hearts
that withers them in its onslaught n fury
but our capt mission
is not your ordinary guy
hes done time playing the game
now hes moved into some free space
a generous and warm hearted geezer
this is a marvellous little break for us
its so quiet up here
you could move in n never leave…
people living in some wintery north east american town
or people living in leeds or in rinkeby
or people living in the western subs of sydney
or people in amsterdam
would be amazed
by the lush tree-i-ness
the bushes and the shrubs
the pacific crashes not five minutes walk away
its saturday morning
i’m on a little holiday
ooh me n nk are having such a good time
thank you mission
you sir

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