posted on March 29, 2009 at 8:01 pm

the killer awoke before dawn
put his boots on
and he walked on down the hall
and he came to the room
where his cheap n dirty laptop computer was
and he sat down in the dark hours to write
mortality pressing in from all sides
pressure exerted subtly
the roar of the crowd
the clacking of the mynah birds
the braying of the law
a good friend of mine
chucked in jail for growing dope in his garden
good work officers
we all sleeping safe
now this menace is in jail with NO visitors
a bloke who writes lovely things n
wouldnt harm a fly
pay lipservice to an olde and evil law
do your job thats what youre paid for
lock em all up n let some corrupt judge sort em out
the law is a complicated n tricky thing
the govt must know what there doing, right?
the truth is
no one really knows what theyre doing
or why did we have 8 years of bush
and why all these wars
and why do everyone of us make a hundred mistakes a day
i know i do
i know i’m wrong about nearly everything
an i think of what david bowie said
we’re just older children thats all
an think about it for a minute
with all the fear and uncertainty of the child
scarlet kilbey for example
working at cross purposes to herself all day
making it harder for herself with her jealousy and fears
its alright shes 3 and a half
she will bury all this within herself
but it will all still be there her whole life
her rages when shes being condescended to
her capriciousness
her fickle moods and savage swings
her decisions based on whims
her ugly retaliations
her demanding attention
all this will be re absorbed into her adult persona
all just below the surface threatening to boil over
im pushing bloody sixty
but my emotions are still very much those of a kid
i often suspect that this childish font of malarkey
also could be the source of my creativity n energy
theyre almost inseparable
like you gotta respect your inner child tyrant
if you wanna get things done
thats why genius goes off the rails all the time
trying to obey yet not obey that 3 year old ego
the thing you like about my work
is the thing you’ll hate about me in person…
you love that song the disillusionist
but you dont wanna be personally disillusioned by me
but thats my tragedy and thats my specialty
and thats just the way it probably is
i cant keep my inner 3 n a half year in check
and hes running around like a fool
and ruining my ability to get organized
yet the 3 year is writing the goddamned poetry
n doing the paintings
the 3 year old gets me outta bed
n promises me we gonna do something really good
yeah whatever eh fiendss…?
more self analysis from the killer
trying to explain something unexplainable
or is it inexplicable…?
anyway i bristle to think of my gentle friend
in fucking jail…with NO visitors
for growing a bit of weed
this is not what we wanted
this is so bloody stupid
but all the inner 3 and a half year olds
who control the “law”
cant see how completely uncivilized it is
to lock up geezers like this for what is
essentially a thought crime
ie the dope transforms yer thoughts
and the “law” dont want ya thinking those thoughts
cos the “law” wants you to be just like them
and take the system very seriously
here the “law” is working counter to itself
by persecuting an otherwise law abiding chap
but aint that just like a 3 n a half year old…?
dont look for logic in this world
there is none
we’re all pretending
anyone can lose it at any moment
people go mad
people wise up
people get fucked n fucked over
people come good
people go bad
people get bought n sold
people change their minds n hearts
people are anything they wanna be
girls just wanna have fun
boys will be boys
women they will come n they will go
mortal man doomed to die
my god youre dealing with a lot of variables here
watch out
emptor cave
dont trust yer senses
danger within n without
its like a jungle

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