posted on April 7, 2010 at 1:19 am

yeah l.a. yeah
play sing talk
music music music
pluck my string
sing my word
oh my word
travel thru time to the beginning in the end
cosy little show
stops starts
makes mistakes
redeems triumphant
cant get to sleep
my only glasses broken now
cant keep track of stuff
blind as a bat or a ball
bawling into a mic
bowling along the highways
up the meridians of free enterprise civilisation
as lived out it the westest west
good bits sure
bad bits thats right
bums on seats
bums on streets
showbiz take a shaky bow in the shadows of ruin
the titanic smoking ice cuba bound
last broken flash of love still in the camera
dream importers underling thats what i am
i’m a man cant you see what i am
a man in this big old mansuit
i assemble sounds in certain patterns
we humans called it music
it has a sequence and a code and a dependence on zeitgeist
i sing my words
getting kinda nervous the way ellipses curve us
its a mystery to me we dont fall
i fall asleep in a van driving towards san fran, cisco
and i dream of incredible things during my dozy daze
i strap on the bass guitar of apollo
and i come down olympus fuming in anger
the songs sweep up the empty aisles and vacant chairs
my time fall away so quickly
i can put no brakes on it
it just streams away n away

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