posted on December 19, 2012 at 8:12 pm
moment to moment

moment to moment

much strangeness comes to past

the beat the roar the jackhammer zoo or the jungle

menagerie man freak in your skin man

you nasty typo in your early late dark age

you always survive you surviving still

no devil you just another pest

screaming at me i cant hear my intuition

i gotta belt saddle shoulder sling shot silk shunt

another belt of chateau de sade lolly-water perhaps

my maps been distorted i expected to find you lost

what temple has she come down from …? (i must ask adonis)

and who sends such creatures …?

(buddha or zeus?)

the courtyard was silent no answer forthcoming

except the near and quiet sob of a sea

the seagulls and fisherman just specks in a painting

the smell of the salt the glow of the town

i remember the way her face was done up

and her evening pulled down

with the very clouds as her consorts

with lightning as escort

with thunder announcing her annunciation

and all the moons in the sky

thanes to a cult of spearmen

and mermen loquacious in remote marine rock

the faun boys of golders green

a portal to faery yes and a cuppa tea when ya get there

i oscillate between a marvellous and a mundane

i wish the rain could fall at last

i wish the night would come again

i wish the world was beautiful and free of man

spirits no longer caged in flesh

we would roam the aerie aether

sparks in her great effulgence

we will be sunbeams in a brilliant halo


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