posted on January 22, 2006 at 10:48 pm

morning, fiendss
today not a goode day
for yer humble scribe
gotta take yon kidss for innoculations
like many many things in this world
and this age
youre doomed if ya do
youre doomed if ya dont
theres a mountain o literature
why ya should
why ya shouldnt…
didja know, frinstance
that some of the injections are suspended in mercury???
gee i really wanna shoot lil baby bouncer
up with f$^&$ing quicksilver, dont i
poor lil scarlet gurl gotta have THREE shots today
this morning evie says
dad i dreamed you guys forgot we gotta have injections today
dream on, lil sister
you gonna have to have it
i hope im doing the right thing
another weird thing
have i ever told you that aurora gets up
sleepwalks around
talking in some olde germanic language
anyway, i have this book of medieval german painters
and she regularly comes in my studio room
and reads that book for hours and hours
aurora, i say, how come you can read that book for so long
she looks up dreamily
i dunno dad……i just like it…
hmmmm, something going on there
i need mr s fandorin to hear her
tell me if he recognises any words…
another dilemma: education
do i really wanna turn my kidss over to the sausage machine?
could i really eddycate them meself….?
did ole sk learn anything useful at school
other than avoiding bullies and chatting up les chicas?
after i learnt to multiply and divide…?
what goode did all that tripe do me?
evie and aurora aint gonna be useful cogs
in the great machine…
i hope
how about we establish
the united states of bohemia
no maths
no suits
no police
no politishians
no gossip rags
no gutter press
no pressure
no worries
gonna have to wait for heaven, i guess
the system is in place now
gonna take a huge upheaval to dismantle it
who wants all this?
you think this is why god put you on this
sweet green world?
to sit inna office
with flourescent lights and air cond.?
with underground carpark and friday arvo down the pub?
so you could grovel yer way up the fuckin ladder
(sorry mum)
what about all the other animals…?
they survive without all that stuff, dont they?
why did it have to go this way?
dont ask me
im just an olde rockah
who doesnt wanna see his wee daughters get jabbed
and whos railin’ against the injustice of it all
the unfeeling protestant work ethic trap we are all in
the industry
the pollushion
the modern hive
everyone working
typing away on electric boxes radiating their evil rays
up in skyscrapers
or down in pits
driving trucks
or filing reports
its all a red herring people
its keeping ya from discovering
why you have taken on yer suit of flesh
why you are here
what the hells going on out there
dont ask me
im just a singer in a rocknroll band
i love ya
i feel for ya
id make it better if i could
im as mad as hell
an’ im not gonna take it…


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