posted on November 15, 2010 at 10:34 pm

like a fine fuzz of water like a million points

tiny droplets of rain

we walk home from a hotel thru its mist

we stub our toe we sigh we laugh

strange days surround us have found us

things are weird things are distorted

i play behind the glass in a humid room

the people look in at me like i’m in a zoo

a performing beast at least i growl politely

i talk and i sing i dunno i ching

i jump up n down on the poor spot

i strummy  strum strum my old guild 12

thats it goodnight folks i finish in a sudden

whoah people smoking weed outside like its new orleans

the wine doth flow too like some martyrs blood

the fine fine rain you can only see in the lights

the lights question the night

although it never replies

the mist kissed my fist n i wonder why

the rain is suspended in mid air hanging there

the street is empty and shiny the trees are ultra green

its going on midnight

i wonder where everyone is never seen


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