posted on March 5, 2010 at 3:50 am

negative gearing?
my brain lights up in a thousand white spots
oooh its gone all warm behind my eyes
all soft
all gooey in my mainbrain membrane terraplane
can you dig this gold?
can you silver my tongue?
can you understand that now i understand
no no not everything
that is not to be understood
it is unfathomable as the future we barely glimpse
it is as untouchable as the past that tears this present from our hands
wendy the white witch said to me
you should now have a staff
i said i thought that was my bass
no she said as she cut n pasted my etheric organs
she shook her head as she aligned the flow of my chakras
and made my little pingis to zingy
but my bass i protest
its full of all that energy and music n sweat n blood and
dont forget holy rocknroll that our loving god gave us
yes yes she smiled but it is not your staff
a staff? …i wondered
gold screws of light descend down my spine
they return anticlockwise
out through my huge crown chakra
already half out of my head
it rebounds back down
a gold screwing light as i am rooted to the earth
what does the gold do in my head
my minds mine
my velvet goldmind
lined in fools gold and gilt trips
thats all cleared up

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