posted on July 29, 2016 at 8:52 am
wheres my jini?

wheres my jini?

yeah rocknroll

the noise the travel the repetition

on the bus off the bus

the audience claps

the people meet n greet

the mouths say words

the hands shake

the wheels turn around

existential doubts

the miles pass by

i think of times in the past

as much as i want to get back there i cant

i’m stuck here in the freezing blackness of a bunk

i’m stumbling out in the sunshine somewhere lost

i’m walking on stage with my head full of haze

i watch the days pass and melt away

it will be so nice to get home

i can see my kitchen now with the red door

and hear the seagulls and the endless traffic

and i’m walking down the hill to the ocean

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