posted on June 8, 2011 at 2:29 pm

a high and lonely destiny

the dull ache of music the throb of desire

i stand by myself in the dark and conspire

i stand with my trespass and the Hesperus is in

but nobody knows just where to begin

but  talking snake who was living in eden

his envy was black his jealousy bleedin’

his malice towards the innocent eve

has gotten us here if thats what you believe

i myself once saw a nymph in a glade

she begged me come hither and started to fade

interpret this thing uh how you see fit

hammer on then after hit after hit

hammer off youre caught in a swamp

at the sky box office  without any comp

have a word to your friends up uh at the top

just ask them where they think it will all stop

prince william-frogge from alsace -lorraine

conquered the heart of a girl from far maine

and five asian boys who carried his spear

and a sad swedish lad  that bring up the rear

i memorised the clouds from 2 skies before

i recorded the sound of the shadows on the floor

i bolted my mouth and smiled with my door

it was then that i realised where we’d met before

on some sunny riverbank drowsing at noon

i was dressed all in houndstooth and phrygian moon

you… wore your  favourite of all womansuit

made from fine weather and the leather of newt

i divine the fine line between the mine and the thine

on sunset and vine in edenic  sunshine

on the corner of queen street i was just one more jack

with my angles gone wrong n there not coming back

with my forget me not who and my blind envelope

dismissive despair cos i cant bear no hope

the conditions i appear upon i fear not complied

i take my guitar and sulk round outside

and the abbot of funkytown was le cardinale hippe

his drum of a brain with the stick on the lip

i uh never could see his trip with jehovah

but when kingdom dot com he’ll be rolling in clover

yeah my heart is a temple with its moneychangers

and my mind is a maze full of lost strangers

and my face carved by ancient and my beard chinese white

and my wonder whatever i did with the night

i just wanted to say well thats all about it

i come to the end uh n i better uh quit

i wish you good luck in all you entail

be careful i hear  they put the moon up for sale…..








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