posted on March 17, 2012 at 4:01 pm

light in light

i invoke the patience of a mountain

i swim in green green still warm water

the gentle rain and a golden curled child by my side

the flowers are brightly smeared onto watercolour viridian

my head whispers songs from long ago

under the water where everything is quiet and liquid

like childhood before anxiety sets in

like a warm room on a cold day

the sea has no colour it just mimics the sky

the sky has no colour it is an illusion of space

space has no colour it is an illusion of god

god has no colour it is an illusion of man

so anyway

today the sea appears to be grey so grey and so far away

today yesterdays fall through my ceilings

good yesterday bad yesterday

mostly ok yesterday

gentle autumn lonely graceful

the child looks to me for guidance

we chat and natter as we wind our way through the wet streets

the lawns are all iridescent now

the trees drunk on rain

lovely n lovelier


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