posted on September 19, 2006 at 9:41 pm

some bad things happen
some people never hadda chance
some people never were playin’ with a full deck….
this world seems like a vale of tears
the fragility of life
the slender thread
someone born damaged
a troubled life
a terrible end
still very very very young
tears flowing
words are inadequate
and then
as if that aint enuff
minna rings next day
now the twillies mum karin has something
getting the tests done
very brave n positive
could be same thing as twillies had
could be worse
hopefully maybe it aint as bad
i thought karin was invulnerable
(and here i say hi to my friend leigh g
who had the same thing as the twills
man, i hope you get off that walking stick
your new records great
and you got an amazing head of hair
a very lovely missus,
so cmon man
be healed)
you cannot take anything for given
i speak yesterday to my friend with the little boy
whos covered in sores cos his maternal grandad
was exposed to agent orange in vietnam
this kid paying the price
30 years after a war hes never heard of ended
his hands n feet are livid pink dried up skin
i say how ya goin young fella
this kid looks up
good he says
lyndon b johnson
are you lookin’ down on yer handiwork?
this kid is two years old…….
hows yer fuckin’ domino theory now
you pathetic dead ratbag?
gee sorry
did our defoliant go on
years n years afterwards
causing birth defects…?
whoops…..oh collateral damage..
take 2 landmines n call us in the morning…
so there you go
sadness everywhere
but the human spirit is to fight n hope
not to cave into despair
not to become cold n removed
not to give up n give in
theres gotta be reason for all these things
in the full perspective of time maybe
itll all become apparent
why we are assaulted n battered with loss
why it seems some people got all the luck
n why others aint got none
im sorry guys
i WISH i did have at least one answer for ya
i WISH i could say some comforting things here
all i can say is
i know as an incontrivertible fact
that there IS a god
i hope one day he can explain all this to us
i know theres a reason why
as impossibly painful as it seems
i dont believe things happen for no reason
but im aint getting much comfort from it…
cherish the ones you love
tell them at every opportunity that ya love em
thats all i can suggest right now
and i pray that my sweet lord
can send a little hope n love
to this poor old world
give us all signs
look homeward angel
all my love

vale andrew s

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