posted on November 26, 2015 at 11:48 am
i will flame on for you

i will flame on for you

its 100 degrees outside and inside

this world with all its incredible lies

humanity with all its incredible cruelties

i feel like its all coming down on me

nothing can change while this system is in place

it hurts to see what they are doing

but fuck this fever feels like i’m on a bad trip man

this fucking heat this fucking sickness this fucking world

all this ratbag scum killing everything and everyone

we have enjoyed unsustainable privilege oh my friends

my stupid poetical mind loves to go haywire so i rage on

in the silence of my messy flat and my ringing ears

only one thing left and thats the sea

i will pull on my crumpled shorts and an old tshirt

i will find my hat and my keys

and my mobile phone which i hate but fuck it

and drag a toothbrush over my piano teeth

and drag a brush over my march hair

and slosh some almond milk unsweetened down my throat

and finally breaking free of this flats orbit..

sail across carrington sail down dolphin

its one hundred fucking degrees!

what with the fever and the weed and the flowers

the beautiful trees that line our fair streets

their glorious leaves that bring to cool this arbour like street

after all these years i still dont feel comfortable in this kilbey mansuit

my allegiance is elsewhere

this is just a vehicle i drive somewhere

today to the ocean swimming pool

cut up and onto the bay road

where all the shops are cool under the awnings

while the ocean now so close sends lovely zephyrs up the street

oh man i might feel suddenly week

as i loiter around buying a fucking smoothie and a shot of wheat grass

my feet sweating out in my boots

under the hat i’m soaking wet too and quite delirious

sometimes i see right into peoples souls and sometimes they see right into mine

wow thats disturbing you gotta admit i say to myself

but i cant linger on nothing

i lose interest in everything in an enveloping emptiness

the shoppers and the teenyboppers and the crooks and the cops

man they all recede away

while my legs just keep walking walking walking

over arden st to the green billowing pulsating sea

its one hundred fucking degree

and i just dont fucking care

about any of it or any of ’em anymore

what a day what a life what a blog

ha ha




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