posted on August 5, 2006 at 2:26 pm

are ya sure ya wanna read it?
yesterday we drove 6 or 7 hours from st petes
we got up nice n early
and we drove
n we got lost too
and we sped down huge highways
avoiding cops n trucks n speeding rednecks w/ confederate flags
we go to places where i cant eat anything
the heat n the fumes n the rest rooms
sitting in a van drivin down the endless road
its a hundred outside
humidity turned up full
lightnin’ strike me again n again n again
we finally roll in to jacksonville late n tired n hungry
(i aint ate anything all day
you see there is no time to explore america
we just gotta get where we going)
and the gig is a fucking hole
no dressing room
no nuffing
the meagre amount of people turn up
they talk all the fucking way thru
a) cos we’re boring
b) cos theyre rude idiots
c) all of the above
mwp who works hardest of all
cant stand it
after all that we put into coming here n playin’
they just fucking yack yack yack
i can hear the conversations over the top of music
the gig is ‘orrible
mwp storms off stage
half the crowd leaves
he comes back
we struggle to the end
we hanga round packing up
i get to bed at 3
we get up at 9 and on the road again
i guess its pointless sounding off here
the rude ignorant hopeless yokels
who talked laughed guffawed screamed etc
all thru the gig aint reading this
the ones who might be reading were the quiet ones
who wanted to hear..
so i guess i thank them
i curse the other lot
im sorry to man who approached me n told me he read this blogge
i was rude n churlish
sorry pal
ya caught me at a despairing moment
i feel like i wanna give up
it was fucking hopeless
even if you were a band whod been around only a year….
after 26 years i need a gig like that
like i need a hole in my head
is that it?
after everything, now this
oh well
i guess if we’d been any good
you might have listened
and if i was half the man
i think i am
i’d just be happy
and nice
and everything
would be
myrtle fucking beach
please shut up
please dont roar all the way thru our delicate songs
pretty please..
aw, cmon..?
take a bass over yer head then you wankahs


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