posted on March 17, 2007 at 9:26 pm

blogger.fuckingcom has gone crazy
they demand this stupid word verification carry-on
and now the dopey thing has outguessed itself
it chucks my precious blogges in a loop
of me typing out these underwater looking letters again
but even when i get em right
it chucks me back in its dreary cycle
which means yesterday i somehow managed to lose stuff
and the title…
(unless you thought that which case i planned it!)
anyway here i am at yer disposable as per usual
and its me
stevie k here
no time beings yebliks or alternate psyches
just the real thing
the originalest
rather uneek
(drum roll)
to tell ya the truth i feel vaguely angry and stupid
just a load of niggly things
all conspire to get my eye off the ball
im not the self assured prick
i seem to be on here
i get 25 nice comments
i get one comment
about sucking and trying harder
and i feel washed up n defeated
you see
say what you like
and no tirades off abuse to negative commenters please
my people my people
we gotta let the nay sayers say their nay!
lettem say
sk + blogge = hitler
lettem say
“this is boring narcissistic redundant swill”
“read better blogges by an ant”
“kilbey is a fraud, a bully, an impostor!”
“tear your eyes out rather than read kilbeys shemozzle”
insert yer own nasty comment here *
any way
if you written 500 blogges
if youve played an instrument for 1000 years
if you can see the wee folk
and if you trapped the tooth fairy n pulled her wings off
if youve played concerts across antarctica
if youve astral travelled just to see girls in showers
if youve sculpted n danced n succumbed n overcome
if youve written national anthems before breakfast
if youve swam across the ocean n defeated slimy monsters
if youve reincarnated as a renaissance lamp in a dark age
if youve been beamed down here for light relief
if you prefer trees to treachery
if you gotta bee in yer cheek n a tongue in yer bonnet
i dunno
a box of new zealand edition of trivial pursuit
has exploded in our street
we read each other questions as we walk along
now i know piggy muldoons boyhood whatnot
and a loada other totally useless info
i mean n.z.s got matt davison i know
(space for a sigh …or a groan)
and i guess lil timmy poles is a wellington boy
but ….
(new zealand rant deleted by author)
its sunday
if i hadnt noticed
ive finished a portrait of a woman i been doing
for a commission
and its kinda van go go goghey
and aint it funny that van go only sold one painting in his lifetime?
and sad
and it tells ya something about this world
cos now if they discovered a scribble on an olde bit of paper
that vinny had done
itd be auctioning off for gazillions
yet the geezer died an unknown n penniless
talking of doodles
theyre up n hanging about
theyre colouring the bottom of the marker box
so they can see where each colour goes
a dopey conversation ensues
eve : im doing purple
aurora : then we do…
both : the greeen!
aurora : thats right
eve : i know
aurora :there
eve : no there
aurora : i dont wanna do it no more
eve : but aurora you can do the other green
aurora : i dont care
eve : then i’ll do it mahself
aurora : i said i dont care
etc etc
eventually they start sticking skewers down into the stuff
containing the ink and making a mess n ruining the markers
big time daddy intervenes
whatchoo 2 bloody doing there..aurora dont do that!
the doodles have been sprung being turkeys n theyre embarrassed
they try to retreat to their room
whattabout all this bloody mess?
dont leave it there!
the doodles sorta kinda clean up their mess
and then retreat to bedroom
eve cocks her ear to my brian eno ambient music
its the same thing over n over she says
and closes her bedroom door
the morning is warm n overcast
sunday morning
look out the worlds behind you!
sunday morning coming down
and sunday afternoon
lazy sunday afternoon
the inevitability of school or work tomorrow
it leaves its shadow even on us who dont “work”
(in the traditional sense)
sunday bloody sunday
how long
how long will i write this blog
how loa loa loa loa long?
last night had veggie taquitos
next to a raining deserted bondi beach
we walked along the boardwalk in the light rain
bumper takes each tiny drop personally
she swats at the rain and gives off a series of oohs
as they hit her
later it rains harder
i pick her up
and put her on my shoulders
she sits there
miserably oohing as the rain comes down on us
she holds up her hands to ward it off
but she hasnt figured out what it actually is yet
ie just water!
today is the harbour bridges 75th birthday
theyre gonna close it down n ya can walk over it
and tonite is fireworks on bridge
which i can see from my kitchen window
there were some fireworks there a few weeks back
bumper watched them
oh wow
OH WOW! to the big explosions
and then for a few nights after
everytime she looked out that window at night
she would still be saying oh wow
expecting to see the fireworks again…
(or maybe she was still seeing em)
bumper is a very very demanding little girl
and she likes things done by the book
and she doesnt wanna be left out
and everythings fine
as long as its going her way
well bumper has a bit to learn about manners
sometimes shes unpredictably violent n bad tempered
screaming n dancing up n down like rumpelstiltskin
she reminds me of a little creature i call a woofle
now everyone here calls bumper the woofle too
wheres the woofle etc?
she really is like a little forest creature
the bumper fairy
too chubby for her wings
she cant fly
she just bounces along
them doodles n woofles
keep a man real real busy

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