posted on January 10, 2010 at 10:17 am

it becomes very hot
i heat up like a red devil
i am heat
i give off heat
though ironically
ive got cold feet
red heat
cold feet
more probs with t-bore mk 11
more alien feelings in my head
more delusions of grandeur
feelings of percy-cution
i empty my pockets
tiny gold coins roll out as if startled
bunches of keys
small bits of paper
bits of string
the ace of spades
small jars of unguent
a shopping list in pig latin
dental flozz
mental notes
sequences in code
the people downstairs are having a dinner party
i enjoy hearing the laughter and drunken shouts and squeals
it reminds me this is summer
it reminds me i am still alive and living in bondi
all around parties, tvs, and music compete on the v. warm air
to you in winter how can you understand
i sit here shirtless
slightly hot n bothered
my eyes bulge as they watch my fingers type type type
the heat has sent me madder lake
i am cold stoned sober
i swim in warm limpid waters swirling green with foam n dolphins
i drive through a tangle of streets becoming lost in the radio
the cafes overflow like the styx river in full flood
malchicks in silly hats puh-lease
girls walloping along in their scanty panties
and maternity gown-like thingies
the regular crazies now almost organized like a union
those south american n israeli handsome macho brutes
the merchants flogging their swag
people hanging off the rafters
dance music bang bang bang
womens voices call out in the dark night
dorks howl in the kennels of Suburb
goblins grin in sin city
more sweet bubble tea
more sugar n syrup and sugary syrups
adolescent lolly fix
my poor rotten teeth
soon must be fixed
will keep you “posted” ha ha
(a post is necessary in a crown)
and this king rude daddy needs more than one crown
long may he rain over ya
as the night goes on the celebrations soften all around
i sit in my womb of impenetrability
i am a rock i am an island
i paint i sing i turn inside out
yoga in the garden
vishnu reaches through the dappled sunlight
slanting onto me
he says oh why dont you go to india
its waiting there for all of you
i hear the beach boys
i see ploogy again as he was
as i was
at it all really was
on those hot night that were virtually an eternity ago
we had a fucking laugh at everyones expense and mostly our own
eventually our own
now i am the cliched man remembering his youth and distant times
we played in a million clubs n bars n all the way
from cairns to melbourne
we hit london n madrid and new york on real hot nights
we hit new orleans on really hot nights
we signed bad deals
we dealt bad signs
we fathered children to come after us
i continue emptying out my pockets
ooh bitter tears
ooh spleen n bile
ooh gossip n slander, salamander
ooh random tips on how to write a hit
random hits on how to trip at the tip
you get the picture
being old isnt all bad
some people in my head sneer n guffaw
some angrily applaud
well at least i know which side my beer is battered

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