posted on May 8, 2016 at 8:20 pm
plastic camera

plastic camera

more stuff is on its way hip hoorah hooray

the speed of the stars is finished

its the bees knees and the last word in celtic rock

frank kearns and i united in our quest for truth and beauty

have created , yes, this masterpiece

frank and his strat and his eventide harmoniser negotiate delicate misty places

a music of minutiae and cosmos

the words gleaned from dream

the record is a door to another world

what a wonderful job everybody did with it

a magical record and something unusual


we have bowie at the sydney opera house with the sydney symphony ork

wow cmon cats thats gotta be cool right

your humble hero one of 6 singers some of the best songs ever written

then back to work on solo album in june

then back to usa with furs

and more Bowie shows in other australian cities

as well as the golden greats show you may see me doing with other various people

its all happening for sure

I’m the busiest guy in the biz baby and i never stop working

being a renaissance man means you gotta keep feeding the engine

yeah yeah sure kilbey sure whatever you say

enjoy it while you still can

be appreciative of all you have

don’t look back

dare to impose your will on the emptiness and silence

such a struggle to fight with everyone who wants to change your trip

so many bumps so many humps

so many jumps into the unknown

its exhilarating its tiring its thrilling its mundanity itself

just seen the rough cut of my doco


more of kilbey jumpin’ around in slo mo

while the church cooks up a jam

and less of the old guys pontificating  (i prescribe for it)

so anyway some of it is pretty promising so far…

so thats me right there i guess for ya

and in spades

a travelling tragedian

a bohemian buffoon

a stupid genius

an ordinary joe



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