posted on November 27, 2009 at 5:39 am

its unbelievably hot ….ok
everything is sticky
everything sticks to my sore skin
last nite nk found a baby possum about 3 inches long
it had fallen out of its tree
and the ants were at it
she brought it home
and guess who was up at 5 a.m. feeding the creature
and manually stimulating a wee wee
(baby possums cant pee unless they get pressure there !)
so i was on a steep marsupial learning curve
damn little possum is cuter than all get out
like the cutest little grey mouse with big clumsy feet
it was runnin’ in n out of my shirt sleeves last night
then it had a long snooze up there on my arm
yeah i fell in love with it
today the wildlife people are coming to take him away
boy i hope the possum makes it
cos he was lookin’ fucked up when he arrived
his trees just round the corner in a park
this morning flew up to coolangattta in qld
then drive to byron bay in nsw
dunno how to describe byron
an old hippy haunt over run by money and schoolkids
what would i know?
i come here once every ten years for one night
a lotta comings n goings between sydney n byron tho
lotta to-ing n fro-ing for the more cosmic types
sydneys just so big
byrons just so small
so ya oscillate
today byron is fuckin’ hot
i have a very small hot room opening on to balcony
the sun is beating down like a real sod
somewhere a sea breeze strikes up
but such is the architecture that i catch none of it
tonite the church
laddies n gennlemen
the church
30 not out
not out by a long shot
better than ever
now with new improved Music
same old but differentially the same
rehearsing all week
playing n singing
ooh my throat n fingers are sore
waiting in this heat for soundcheck
my face stings from the sweat
is this old age then…to become more n more hyper sensitive..?
i can see that tropical fuckin’ breeze
in the palm trees but i cannae feel it
what a bizarre world
we spin thru space they say
our sun spins thru space
a ball of rock with some big puddles
carts its own atmosphere round with it
like the life of the party
we got a load of species down here
humans are the dominants
and old white guys are the dominant dominants
(unfortunately not including this old white guy)
its all engineered
what can we believe
we had a million years o’war
we killed a gazillion women children n beasts
we killed whole jungles n forests n seas n mountains
we killed whole species off for the fucking fun
some of us display amazing god like propensities
some of us are much much worse than any animal
any other animal that is
we dont know what we are
we dont know where we going
out of all this
springs some 20th century pop culture
it spawns me
here i sit in byron bay( writing to you)
a singer in some veteran rock band
i look good for 55 but i still look 55
in the autumn days but its summer outside
and i burn for you to write this doggerel
that drips from my pen
all that past spat me up here
waitin’ to soundcheck my monstrous bass guitar
well tonite i gonna rock then
rock for nineveh
rock for the amazon
rock for my little possum
rock for elevated masters
rock for cosmic hippies
rock for any good cause you got n none of the bad ones
no rock for the bavarian illuminati
rock for vishnu
rock for the …ah…rocks…why not…?
its all connected
you may not like it
but we are all connected
there is an incredible creator who created us creatures
we are fucking creatures, you and i
and this unbelievably groovy cat they call god
well he dreampt this all up
hes still dreaming it up
seems love can affect the dream
seems like love is the simplistick answer after all
not love like you love yer girlfriend or mum neither
a wild glorious inchoate love that keeps the planets
on their courses
that regulates everything within its wonderful system
i saw that last night in my possum
tonite: the great northern hotel byron bay

ah..the first mosquito just showed up!

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