posted on September 30, 2007 at 8:58 am

a big black moth flew in
from the whirling dusk
where the wind lost its mind
blowing in all directions at once
throttling the flowers
hurling petals a round
velvet darkness has fallen like a curtain
utter luxury of warm night surrounding me like a second skin
the night which caresses me
like a twin
the identical moon
named and nameless stars
nepalese fingers meddle
trees run out of room in the sky
this night is delicious it has become uncontainable
this darling night with its white pinpoints
a gorgeous creature of a night
all feminine and warmsoft
oh night find your mouth and kiss me
oh night be forever open
open like the vastness you cover
as you ride the sea
and soar over the sand
who are these birds still singing?
oh i am an egg in the nest
oh i am the bursting bud on the branch
oh i am the soft moaning evening
on the eve of springs second month
and my moth flew into your dwelling
where my daughters dance in your dreams
my lovely daughters from pleasure realms
where there are no weekdays
where trees grow on money
and people shoot up silver colliding in trance
yes and i the eternal night
who rules all space and spaces
say this to you because i need a voice
i say the day you see is shortlived and soon faded
everything returns into me unto me
i was there and i am there and i will be there
the day is a fantasy
a glitch in continuity
the day is light stretched thin
the day is impermanent
eventually all days end in night
and in time
night will swallow day forever

the night had spoken
her introjected silent voice ceased
my ears drown in the silence that came in her wake
the moth lands on a wall in the kitchen
black moth on white wall
beautiful little big moth that you are
part of the night
a little piece gone from the puzzle
here here im rearranging things again
for the sake of my friend the night
the 30th of september night
who i call the duchess of darkness
an exquisite night full of notice
ha you would succumb too
even you daylovers and suntrippers
lightfreaks gambling in the mornings
even you afternooners in the shadow of twilight
my my baby you love to move through this tonight
i carved my wand from ash and i charged it with thought
the night endows it with her subtle power
the night who i salute to boot
the night i have produced on your screen
the night i engineered on our behalf
the night you got me for my birthdays
the night you found on the bottom of a pool
the night you dreamed of a night like this
the night that was nigh
a night like a knight

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