posted on August 14, 2006 at 4:34 pm

a lovely hotel room
a courtyard with playing fountains
a deep blue pool
trees everywhere
ah nevets you love those cool arbours
you are a celt
used to roaming the sacred groves
you love the trees
and believe
the trees love you
oh its so quiet here
an atrium
a grey overcast sky
the world is quiet
youve set the scene
whatta bout ye olde gig
did you rock?
yes i did
did you roll?
yes i did
did you sing every one of your words like ya meant it?
yes i did
did ya lovingly pluck yer fender jazz bass 1962 reissue?
did powlesys drummin send ya out into space?
why yes it did
and the audience?
and the talking?
didnt notice
and did you find that jazz,mann?
i went out n walked down the line outside
and i called a spade a spade
when a kind man stepped forth
and my needs were sufficiently met
well thats it really
deetroit yer on my a-list!
that gig was a great load of fun
i really really enjoyed my old self
rocknroll fiendsss
oooh mah soul

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