posted on August 13, 2009 at 1:10 am

a guy called richard sent me some music a while ago
and i sang some stuff n sent it back
it wasnt quite my cup of tea
but it had a certain joie de vivre that i liked
it seemed very eighties
but i didnt understand that that was its trip, did i?
i was listening to it at my daughters place in sweden
when their ears
pricked up
“daddy,THIS is really cooo-oool” they said
this is…? i say
(you see sometimes i dont know what i’m doing or
what anybody else is either)
listening to it thru a new set of ears
its a perky poppy feelgood little thing
its still got words like “inevitably ” in it
so its not a total pop out
but you know
its catchy n singalong-y
if you like that kinda thing
sometimes we all do, dont we?
so richard gets all these weird mixes down n stuff
and he asks me to help do a vid
oh the wonders of the modern age
casting my mind back twenty years
the pain n drudgery and yes
the outrageous expense
of making a video
if richard had suggested this twenty years ago
i would have to have found a camera man
a lighting man
someone to synch it up
a caterer and blah blah blah
then have to shoot it
process it
edit blah blah blah
get it over to the u.s.
blah blah blah
but wow
i did my bit last night
richard did his thing while i slept n went out for a walk
come home its already up on you tube
pocket featuring steve kilbey “hear in noiseville”
go n take a look
(warning: if you hated anchorage from th’other day
you may not like this!)
but lighten up
hey richard
i think you did a marvellous job!
the song and the vid are a real gas!
good on you, my man!
stealing a feeling a feeling
revealing a feeling i felt!
oh ha ha
the eighties live on forever
thats rocknroll, children
and everythings possible

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