posted on February 9, 2012 at 9:53 pm

old bondi

the gould street days have come to an end

i moved in there just before scarlet arrived in this world

we had some warm times

we had some terrible times

we had some ordinary non eventful times too

times when month after month seemed to drift endlessly

i guess this story is one i’d rather not tell

though many of you already know it

you already knew it anyway from your own lives

i curse a stupid world which makes sweet weed the enemy

and foists VODKA on us

ruiner of family

ruiner of life

ruiner of everything

i’ll give it one thing tho…it ruins things fast…!

so i hurl out all the bills and letters and cards

the detritus of seven years on the material plane

still when all is said and done i don’t own much

a ford falcon

a lovely fender bass guitar

ones worth drops

the others goes up n up

i own 4 other guitars counting the cigar box

i own an m audio keyboard and a nice mike

i own a laptop and a big new apple being paid off

i own loads of pastels and paints n art stuff

courtesy of my art guiding committee pres : h jordan

i own a few bits of very shabby beat up furniture

and garage full of pure rubbish

a few cds a few dvds a few books

thats it

of course my children are more precious to me than ANYTHING

my love for them is so deep it sometimes nearly wrenches me open

to let your daughters go into teenage-hood is like an art in itself

don’t be too soft or too hard…just like applying paint

my daughters are like coloured pencils

don’t press down on em till they break

but press down enough to make an impression

each colour has its time and place and its own role in the scheme of things

daughters are also like paintings :

after a certain time someone takes them off your hands….

you accept that as you watch your creation grow

from something small and quite inchoate

to something breathtakingly and achingly gorgeous

so you must not love them too much

but you must love them so much as you help them bloom

today i sat listlessly tossing out old bibs and bobs

coins cockroaches marbles broken bits of toys

aurora was with me having a day off school with a sickie

here is regular scene at our place

one kid

still lying in bed when other kids are up n at ’em

me : whats wrong with you,  kid?

kid : i dont wanna go to school today,  dad

me : what the bloody hell is wrong with ya then…?

other kid : she got you know…..uh….pain …because…..

me : alright alright….!….are you sure…..?…

all kids : DAD!!!!

anyway aurora was there

(tho to tell the truth i noticed very little “pain” …)

she didn’t help much but i always love her company

we talked about the things only she and i could talk about

she has a brilliant mind

but she falls for a brilliant minds traps

like me of course in spades

anyway we started on a long process

moving out of the past

after working we all went for a swim

after a few laps i had a “sugar drop”

anyway tonite is the last night in another place

a nice little place but its the last night here too

2morro begins a future somewhere else

all things must pass

all things must pass GO too

sk (tomorrow night bondi heights!)




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