posted on January 7, 2013 at 6:54 pm
do too much

do too much

albums to come this year

1 the new one i’m working on now solo

2 the new kilbey kennedy you are everything

which is being mixed right now

(thanks to all pledgers)

and it is a lovely thing too

3 . album with frank kearns (coral kingdom)

4 album with hu dost


i have decided to write my memoirs part one

and am currently in neg. concerning this


am co-writing a book on spirituality


the church may have a few more gigs in em….stay tuned…..


the play is coming back to melbourne “vanpark” watch out in march


will be appearing on telly and live with a TV show


getting ready to re-release earthed plus


working on doing music for a  series of lapse or slide shows of nature photos


2013 should herald the finishing of macbeth and my soundtrack (and guest part)


accepting painting commissions


thatll do for now




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