posted on May 30, 2007 at 1:38 am

muse : you may find it doubtful that my attempts
to reach you this way mean anything at all but try
to believe, that it is indeed me
why am i here?
no simple explanation can suffice
you wouldnt understand is so easy to say
dont think literally or laterally now
this is something to interpret
this is something to feel
this is something to hide in
this is something that flows through you
this is something else
something altogether different
what what what youre saying
greedy for a secret
well secrets dont come cheap even these days
and what i know i cant show you
unless you are receiving on this level
not higher or lower level
just different
i am the being in times muse
i am female as you would understand
i am an aspect
i am imaginary
i am powerful
i am transmitting to you if you would but hear
i see the potential in everything
i have instructed the being in this
and if he has any gift it is this
to hear a melody in one note
to see a poem in one word
to get a song from a jam
and a jam from a mistake
and mistake something else
and come up with something new
examine everything
dont rush it too much
but dont take too much time
verily they say a quick one is a good one!
there is a way into things
and its not the most obvious way either
however dont make the mistake
the being has often made
that is to neglect the obvious and concentrate on minutiae
you see everything is in need of balance
too much one way is insanity
too much the other is torpor, lethargy
just look around you
can you really say you dont know what to paint?
listen closely to the hearts of men
for there are your poems and lyrics
study the natural shapes of nature
theres your design
theres your perspective
go lightly go lightly go lightly
not like a taurus in a fucking china shoppe
be gentle with it
play your instrument firmly but softly
let your fingers glide over it like a lovers caress
let the notes flow in liquid patterns undulating like a river
touch your instrument with awe
it says that which none may speak
it is capable of sublime beauty or discordant noise
sing songs about the time and the distance
sing about the songs you love to sing
let the music move you in all ways it will
then youre swimming through it
and your instrument is guiding you beyond yourself
where you truly belong
understand these words if you want to
decipher them if you can
be bothered
i write them regardless
of whether you heed or not
thats all

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