posted on October 18, 2006 at 7:59 pm

nevets wake up
but muse its 5.30 in the morning
nevets come n write a blogge
but muse its so early…….
but nevets when i call you cannot refuse
but muse…
that is your honour and your doom
ok muse, im getting up
put on your blue dressing gown nevets
ok ok
now meditate
of course
breath in hold for 10
keep in for 10
breathe out for 10
nevets that was a sleepy meditation
to tell you the truth i just wanna go back to bed
come nevets, smoke the herb
but muse its just gone 6 in the morning and..
will you fucking shutup n smoke the herb…?
ok ok (you see now the muse forces it on me)
now put on some ambient space drone
ok ok um pete namlook n tetsu inoue…
good now have a cuppa green tea with m. honey
(sound of kettle boiling, honey being spooned from a jar)
go and have a look at last nites painting
oh thats…….interesting
not bad nevets considering how you fell asleep at the eisel
i guess it aint too bad muse
youre no picasso nevets…..but who is…?
am i any good at painting muse?
ok for a beginner i suppose……
oh god, daughter evies up…
you think your the only one got muses waking em up nevets?
(eve starts drawing in a book)
now turn on thy lapptopp n create!
hang about muse, it aint that easy….
do you feel the pressure everyday nevets?
yeah this blogge takin’ a toll on my time n creativity, muse
but nevets you were born to blog…..
ok ok yeah yeah cmon n help me then
what do you want to write about?
christ, muse i thought you were gonna tell me…
ok nevets lets think of something together
yeah ok…something about the early daze?
thats good and some free association…
how about a drop of the stream of consciousness…
yes yes and some hipster slang and smug in-references
and a pinch of only-half-joking bragga-rama
ok plus some silly spellings
good good…what about an anecdote from bully high?
some more about baby bumper…they like that, the ladies anyway…
i reckon some sci-fi stuff….
or another sk reinterpretation…?
moral stories “my drug hell” , “how i licked the big H”….
inside glimpses of the inner workings of the the chrunch
hippy baloney n dissing the” straights”…..
poetic flights o’fancy with arcane adjectives….ha!
putting baybee at end of a sentence…
pro-marijuana propaganda
anti-gun/war/politician diatribes
criticising your critics, i see some silly bint gave us a badde reevu…
lambasting meat eaters / trying to stop the horror of skyscraper carnivores
praising the heroes…houdini, rimbaud,homer, shakespeare etc
and favourably comparing yerself with them….ha!
abstracted fragments
detached transmissions
automatic responses
drug-addled bullshit! yes!
yes! and stoned rambles
a load of old space rock opera tripe!
cosmic toffee on a galactic scale
meanlingless codswallop dressed up as sage advice….
some humour, i guess
some tragedy too……for balance
you wanna be candid?
just tell the truth…
how ever you see it
dont talk down to em
dont grovel to em neither
treat em like friends
treat em like youre happy they read this thing
treat em with a bit of distance
and a bit of love
that should do
lets begin
we’re outta time
good bye from me
goodbye from me

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