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electrical disturbance

oh yeah music

that stuff

apprehended with the organs of hearing

music is an arrangement of sounds creating certain feelings

music while you being born

music while you being fucked

music while you being buried

gimme that strange feeling

i’m sitting in the wings waiting to go on

its some inevitable club somewhere

are you nervous ? some chick asks

yeah i am i say

music expected of me

my fingers my throat

my mind dreampt it up

my bass sounds huge

i pump an open A

i lock in with the kick drum the bass drum

its too easy

we sound like a machine

we spread out over the terrain

we crush resistance

we roller over the crowd

i look at the faces in the crowd

people are mouthing my words

people push against each other

people looking faint

people looking all excitable

the music in your blood pounding

the beat of windscreen wipers in the steady rain

the moaning of some woman downstairs

the throb of the machinery

those romantic castanets in spanish harlem

on a warm spring day when zephyrs play

my ears ring the air sings

i drew kohl under my eyes

i looked girlish and wasted under the dizzy white lights

smoking mirrors

my sister appears from universe #323

looks like one of my daughters

i look past my eyes into my soul

past my soul into my vegetal spirit

past my spirit into my ……

there are no words for this

the music is insistent

the guitars lash out cut off peoples head

the cymbals shriek above the din

the bass hurts under the racket

i feel a hundred feet tall

i direct clusters of notes like a barrage of fire

boom boom boom

my heart keeps pumping

my veins swallow the beat

a surge of crimson ultrasound

a delicate silver thread

the organs gulp and squeeze

feet tap

hands clap

i think about everything

yeah everything

thats my sorrow

thats my saving grace

thats my defining moment

the ancient world

drugs and sex

first world war

donnette singing hex in 1988

nineveh i want to hold you

karin in sweden the night we first met

we knew at that moment we would have children together

at a nico concert in stockholm

the norse gods

the greek gods

rosie n claudio in canberra

my dad les fiddling around with his morris major

my mum joycie cooking me egg n chips

my brother russell who i loved n bullied relentlessly

jennifer and her south melbourne flat

reading the early morning news while i watched her from her bed

god she was a lovely girl

mwp his first gig with the church

eyes down n looking

tim powles n i finally become best mates after years of frostiness

peter k always the consummate musician but a tricky character

richard ploog hugging a fucking tree up the north coast

getting stuck backstage with some boring dickhead rambling on

interviews with stupid geezas who didnt do their homework

meeting iggy pop ….what a nice cat!

seeing t rex at hordern pavilion with paul c…they sucked

seeing japan in london in 1978 at the music machine ..they were great

getting the cane at school ….it hurt like all fuck

getting my teac 4 track home for the first time

the smell of the plastic that it was wrapped in

the night my dad died i was playing a gig

the day john lennon died

standing there on the phone..WHAT? OH NO!!

my first car a little blue mazda with column shift

the birth of my children …all caesarean….

five daughters

five beautiful incredible girls

hearing bowie for the first time

he immediately superseded bolan, didnt he?

marc had lost it but david was moving upwards n onwards

my sister from universe #323 with her  egyptian magic

margot making up songs on the spot

grant walking round in albion street strumming his guitar

my cat timmy who got run over n me n my mother wept n wept

my house in rivett when i had no friends

my house in rozelle when i had a hundred friends

yeah mansfield st painted black n red inside

with the tree wallpaper n the skylights

with the mosquitoes in the back garden n spiders in the basement

with the eight track tape machine and the guitars all lined up

my name in the papers

my face on the tv

my voice on the radio

my flights to europe n america

airports cups of coffee driving on the autobahn

spain italy portugal

the women all dusky and voluptuous

first time in amsterdam …..a blurry memory

rock festivals meeting michael hutchence who was angry with me

meeting andrew eldritch

meeting richard strange

meeting ian mc cullough who was a real tool

lyneham high how i still miss those corridors where i was formed

playing whist at lunchtime in the quadrangle

listening to other kids records in the common room

my first cigarette my first real kiss

my first girlfriend

my last day as a child

dad takes us on holiday

me n dad sit up front n talk about the music on the radio

australia whizzes by outside

here a bridge there a river here a house now gone forever

meeting thee mr ricky when he was still a kid

fuck what an incredible musician that kid turned into

we still havent got that david neil album out have we?


my memories my music

writing all those words pouring out of me

the night is very soft

it doesnt change


autumn soon

swan lake

i cant keep track of them all

did i really write all that stuff

did i really know all those girls

did i really play all them gigs

did i really fly to all them cities

did i really spend all that time in recording studios

late at night singing in a deserted booth

singing all those bloody words

all those bloody words about what…..?

about all n nothing

about everything and all that

the history of me n you n the whole damn shebang


thats a lot of stuff


in spades for sure

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