posted on November 26, 2007 at 9:14 am

i propose a new music
a music not paying lipservice to the blues
a music freed up from key and tempo restraints
music that can morph organically up and down
slower faster slower
music in which the instruments co operate
not run through their set parts
instruments that operate as a conversation
instruments which illustrate the words
instruments which come in play their bit and depart
instruments content to be points in a tapestry
let the musicians question every single note and beat
and ask themselves
let the musicians open minds match their dexterity of fingers
let their deep traditional knowledge be matched by spontaneity
let the songs be long or short
with without words
in all or no languages
let the aim of this music be to be gloriously Beautiful
every single time
let its standard be ecstatic bliss
let it explore every level of music
let the music be a true accompaniment to the words
as actors are to other actors
not merely the backdrop or scenery
let the musicians dare to embrace any silences necessary
let the singers sing wild powerful songs
let the singers be old and young
let the singers be men and women
let the singers sing every word with thought and feeling
let the musicians strive to bewitch and intoxicate
let startling originality be the most revered attribute
(so long as it contains Beauty)
experiments will not be admired for their own sake
only if they uncover Beauty
Beauty defined as that which exhilarates through its excellence
by the love and thought applied to it
by its classical ideal
and its modern innovations
the pursuit of lovely otherness
the pursuit of the gods own music
the pursuit of symphonic ambience
the pursuit of orgasmic crescendo
let the words be different
let the words contain truth and imaginative fantasy
let the words be written from love
even if words of hate or bitterness
let them be unbearably poignant
let them rhyme or not
let them be clever or not
let them be sensual or subtle
let them never be oafish
let the music be free
let the concerts be free
let the music be subsidised as we now subsidise war
let the music ring on and on
let the music describe the great universe
and the intricate abstract
let the music come
will it
demand it
expect it

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