posted on February 19, 2012 at 8:13 pm

storey of my life

coming up the valleys and into the hills

child it was a time of celebration and prayer

a morning of the universal day

the twilight of memories now gone

before all this even we were others

we were glorious lithe warriors

how we leapt thru the enemy like ghosts

oh how we streamed twirled and struck

oh how we glutted on their wine and wives

some parts of us forget

we hid in swamps we flew in skies

we dug in the earths

we slipped through their seas

we mastered music we mastered art we mastered beast

we mastered cosmic winds which hauled our souls and their baggage

we climbed aboard ships in africa

and we fell off women in lemuria

i was a clown i was a hunter i was a merchant

you were a wolf you were a star you were a scientist

we caroused through temples and we meditated in motels

cut off from humanity

white noise of the rain

the rain cleansed us

the rain bound us to the ground

while natures forest hemmed us in

words woven by ancestors distant and certainly strange

we struggle with the meaning of their sutras and formulae

or is it we pretend not to know

what our hearts most fear to hear….?

that there is no god

that there is no hope

that this is all an accident

that its all a mistake

something in us cannot accept it

we are in inner conflict and turmoil over this

they say life is stupid but we are smart

unbearable to be wrong so we never question it

still i feel some guidance in my hand

still i hear some whisper in my head

still i feel some movement in my etheric double

i remember pasts i have broken down walls in my mind

i must shoulder all of humanity even tho it doth not exist

i must feed the animal at my door

i must stoke the ravenous fire of creation and destruction

things must come in and other things go out of my world

i must loom large or shrink small

i await further instructions of my sweet liege lord

i understand the signs you will send in symbols and impressions

i will read the clouds and listen in to silences profound

i will dismantle my defences so as to absorb your divine sky

i will kneel to your beautiful images

of thoth and krishna and christos and other saints

oh blessed one say it is true…!

say one day we will walk together on days that last forever

lost in your lovely song in pastures of the bluest cranes

where lotus blooms and wild honey seeps neath arbours bough

little spider spins her silver web

and stately swans drift on Acheron

along the fields of Taliesin

or in lambent company

with you




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