posted on October 31, 2011 at 4:12 pm

gilding the lilith

i have chanced upon a limited number of egyptian register

it was the second album by gilt trip

which was russell kilbey and me

on ER michael hanlon joined us

this is weird wild esoteric music

music from other times from other places from other worlds

its instrumental music electronic music organic music

sad trumpets blow through storms of artificial strings

creatures howl and birds squawk

clocks tick tock tick tock tick tock

jungles close in

austere towers perched on windswept rocks

a busy marketplace saturated in colour n contrast

smoky nightclubs in some erotic purgatory

alien strippers doff their g strings revealing black holes

rain hits windows in strange libraries

things moan in close distances

beautiful visions corrupt and distort and breakdown

children turn into memories before their own eyes

this is the egyptian registers music then

a turbulent chaotic melange

a jumble of styles constantly in flux

this music is dragged from lives unknown unled even oddly

you want panache in spades with soy cream on it is

not essential but quintessentially weird

exploring swampy dreamy sun drenched parts of the mind

lemuria is here so is lyonesse

egyptian register is for magicians and mad women

egyptian register is for archaeologists and arch angels

egyptian register is the sound of tomorrow which never came

strange? fuck yeah…you wont hear it on the radio anytime soon

but slip on the headphones and visit a rich mental garden

the repulsive throb of reptilian wings

the scream of flesh set into machinery

a brothel in my head populated by female me

my past lives are here laid out unambiguously in glyphs

yes i imagine music from all ages played on electric guitar

this music sounds real good on drugs…real good….

egyptian register more esoteric than madame blavatskys hash pipe

more eldritch than an ectoplasmic tv

egyptian register is strange music for strange people



ok heres the deal if you want one

$ 20 plus postage

SKPers get 25 % discount ie $15 plus postage

each copy signed and including a tiny original sk lithograph

thank you

youre very nice






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