posted on September 15, 2010 at 8:02 am

bronze wailer

capable of making statements nothing else can make

beautiful music

surrounding us in the night

stream of sound

keeps giving ya the message

that peculiar wisdom

well it evaporates under scrutiny

music is in all of us…..why?

you dont even question it, do you….?

you knew music was important right from the word go

how do people banging n shaking n plucking n bowing n blowing objects…

how is it transmuted into pleasure……

a mystery then it remains

even to us old hands

i dunno i dunno what music is

my dad didnt either he just kinda played it

he felt it n never once in his life did he wonder what music really was

but me……i still cant understand

i can manipulate its force somewhat

but i dont know why music is so powerful and dangerous

a divine gift we can enjoy it

but still it defies analysis

theres certain feelings you get in certain songs

its just that right combo baby that perfect mix

wow when a pop song hits all yer buttons ……..

knock the breath outta ya

put stars in your eyes

put fire in your spine

put a little love in your heart

“music is m0st important implement in the tool box of love”

so sayeth my character nebauchenezzar old moon doggy

in the musical i’m in at the moment

yeah a musical

we burst into songs n i love it

i sing a hilarious little number myself

and i ponce about the stage ‘aving a fucking laugh

god i love music

music i love god

love god music

singing can be a lotta fun

have ya ever tried you maybe surprised

music shouldnt be that hard but it often in fact is

they’ll never run outta ideas

you cant exhaust music

you cant do it all

theres more to be done

more permutations

break more rules

follow more rules

homage to tradition iconoclastic

each individual approaches music differently

you got your take you got your in

do things your way

dream stuff up

special stuff

dark stuff

brilliant stuff

sad stuff


i’m completely blown away with all my birthday wishes

youre all very kind

i’m kinda treading water at the moment

upheaval and chaos slowing me right down

not getting as much done as i would like

i am a driven man and i need to create

but reality intrudes on my imagination sometimes

its wednesday morning 7 50 am

never know what each day will hold

listening to craig pruess n marconi union as i do yoga

been listening to peter hammill peter gabriel lisa gerrard

todd rundgren ….wow he deserves a blog soon…a real genius…

i listen to my ears ringing n it frightens me

my hearing continues to degenerate

i miss a lot of converations now…a real deaf old coot

gigs coming up

another melbourne gig with ricky n hoffmen

yeah we’re pretty good youre gonna like that

the church doing their acoustic retrospective show in aust

a couple of surprise things too

gb3 is coming up in sydney and melb soon too

still music baffles and delights

strap on a guitar never know whats gonna happen

i love you guys my readers

i really do

ok onwards then…….

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