posted on September 19, 2010 at 11:02 pm

darkened doorstep

too undisciplined to write on a single subject

my mercurial mind roams its vaults

my encyclopaedic knowledge of rock

oh god i’d be a ph.d or something

a real professor of rock mythology and rocks credo

an understanding of rock at all levels

a deep appreciation for rocks innovations

an addiction to rocks many charms

this rock music takes us as a religion

could i have worshipped apollo more than i worshipped bolan?

these oracles spitting wondrous axioms of lyrical masterpieces

in its simple beauty

in its howling intensities

in our golden youth

the instruments called to many of us

and many fell by the wayside

and the lucky ones became masters

and travelled far and wide

we had strange adventures outside normal realms

we were laws unto ourselves

i wanted to make music you could see

i wanted to access your memories

this would be accomplished via certain combinations of

words n music natch

things would happen in such a way

i plotted a careful course into your heart

part trick part miracle

i am an honest fraud i am a sincere joker

i mean this meaningless stuff

i’m spelling it out for you

my own music is so damn elusive even i dont know what its intent is

its wrestling with an angel

its being the last man alive

its a lovely spring morning in arcadia

its rude afternoon in a plush hotel

its before and when its over

its in us all somewhere

yeah i’m in this recording studio

working on my fuckin’ album

as per usual

i’m anxious to get out for the night

but the engineer reckons i could sing such n such a line better

i’m in hollywood and i wanna get outta this place

n see what the boys are doing on this lovely night

donnette is in town i have a lot to do

still i’m stuck here

singing this song

i’m sick of singing it too

theres a guy here from a record company too

ive upset him somehow too

hes frowning at me through the glass

doesnt like the word peculiar in a song

too fucking bad me old fruit said i

i mean c’mon

why doesnt he write his own freakin’ lyrics then?

the engineer is an english guy with a big mop of red hair

hes very tanned n freckly too

hes always dressed in denim

he was once in an english band who had a hit

he was a very very cool guy

he called me kilbey

c’mon kilbey he said in his mock cockney accent

nah that’ll fucking do man i groaned

i felt guilty trying to skive off

my throats sore


i wanted to see donnette thayer

she was a very lively person

she made me laugh

she was a gorgeous woman too

she was the epitome of cool

hollywood was out there under hazy lights

man the stuff happening out there all around

i wanted to get out n ride down the long freeways

i wanted to get out n hit a veg cafe

my throat really is sore i was insisting

i cough up blood i said

this was true i had coughed up some blood

a tiny little bit after a plane ride

fuck i didnt wanna sing anymore

the assistant was a girl tonight

she came up n said she liked my song

she offered me a suggestion which i amazingly adopted

she wasnt pretty but she was very charming

she knew a lot about music too

she drove a t-bird as well

we went to a party in silverlake

i met a drummer from a heavy metal band

there were naked girls in  a swimming pool

i used the phone in a bedroom to call someone in australia

i saw people freebasing cocaine for the first time

someone commented on my sydney tatty appearance

i commented on his stupid get up

he wanted to fight me

no way!

ruin my pretty face not likely

the assistant hurried me out of this bullys presence

people on all kinds of stuff

a lot of booze too

yeah i dunno

fascinated n appalled

the song still isnt right neither

i gotta go back n sing it again tomorrow

but its the hollywood nights

isnt it?

how can ya resist it?

easy mate


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