posted on July 18, 2010 at 12:05 pm

a few weeks back
i got offered a part in a new musical playing at sydney fringe festival
its called “van park” n its written by greg appel
greg was a member of the lighthouse keepers
who had an amazing indy hit with a song called gargoyle
back in the early eighties
gargoyle was a song i wished i’d written myself
russells band the crystal set did a version on one of their records
so i pricked up my ears
when i got offered this part
the part of nebauchenezzar
a mysterious ex rockstar who now lives in a caravan park
down the coast of new south wales
appearing also in the musical is john paul young
the famous aust singer who sang love is in the air
among others
he plays another ex rocker type a more basic n brutal
the play is funny poignant and has some truly beautiful songs
i did a reading yesterday n a bit of a sing
and they have found a wonderful singer/actress
to play the character of gypsy fire
who is married to jpy’s character but with whom nebauchanezzar
is also in love
the play is a real delight
and the songs are mind blowingly good
nebauch is a strange old bird pontificating on life
and moving thru van park in his cloak
i cannot wait to get my teeth into this
its like this part was written for me
we will be doing five performances at the seymour centre in sydney
in september
and will be hoping the play gets picked up for other cities
the band king curly will be backing the play featuring gregs brother steve
i cant overstate how good the script and songs are
and i hope all ttb enthusiasts will turn out to catch this one
im very very excited
and i feel lucky to be involved in such a good thing

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