posted on September 5, 2009 at 9:04 am

black velvet inside a silver guitar case
black label whisky
black clothes
grey eyes
on planes
off planes
signing a big big deal
smile off camera
the rip chord
a stab in the darkness
the boys with their quiffs n sideburns
the girl with the tattoo on her ass
the powder comes toppling out of the envelope
the money changes hands
the call is made
the drums feed back
the monitors are overpowering
i feel sick
the pressure builds up
i caress my fucking instrument blindly
in the wings
in the pit
in the shadows
the intro tape goes on
the hotel keys fall out of someones pocket
smoke and mirrors
little showbiz routines
the crash/ride the 4/4 the thud thud thud
unbelievably loud
like machinery shrieking
like an earthshaker
like a skyskraper
wobbling down the isle at 2 am
falling asleep wide awake in your seat
the internet falters
the memories of magnetic heaven
the bass strings me along a while
i travel down the lines
i sing between the phases
i search my head for the words
i fall hoarsely
i get shocked by the charge
i snort contempt
i sweat buckets of ink
there must be a lotta people out there
but the cymbals have blinded me
the blood congeals in the dead songs
we wade through a lake of backing vox
all retuned and chopped about
edit snap edit snap
i delete information ruthlessly
the tiny crystals burn my stars
fuck i’d love to….
alignment in unspeakable delight
sweet saltiness
strumming down hard on you
on you hollow body
on you shapely neck
run my hands up your white notes
tighten up your octaves
flute your tiny piccolo
sing in tongues baby
the machine will remember your moves
the amp needs more grunt
the distortion is leaking beyond the music
the thunder us down of the big bass drum
the wretched screech of the fiddle
the grind down of the organ
i cant agree with anything
we argue over the set
the lights come up
the curtains have left the building
the rats gnaw on
the wires short out
the power arcs up
i lie there in the dreamless black
black keys
black shoes
black horizon
is that enough ? someone asks
yeah…i say
thats enough

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