posted on August 6, 2008 at 9:34 pm

one thing that sure is different about painting n music
is technology
i mean
when you paint youre still using the olde way
theres no new technology
to aid
or master
youre still basically up against the board
with a brush or fingers and paint or pastel or ink
ok theres been a few new things
airbrushing i guess
and that sort of thing
they do on computers like mrkillabee (not me)
(check out that guy …!)
most are still doing it a la van gogh or leonardo
contrast this to music
where the developments are constantly making yer head spin
every 5 or 10 years a revolution in music technology
its affecting the music too…they are verily now intertwined
stuff you can do now ( at home)
would have made bob clearmountains jaw drop in 81 in 301
the ease speed and accuracy with which music can be manipulated
of course everybody uses the same programs
then everybody gets similar results
you can hear that now
that “pro-toolsed” sound
that slightly harsh and digital schmear
that first sleepy jackson record got it in spades
so nowadays being a musician you gotta cope with this
you got battles on yer hands right from the word glo
how good are ya on pro-tools sonny jim?
cos if someone in the band gets the upper hand
he’ll be imprinting more of his genius than yours
on yer next mp3
because musics become a semi-visual process (oh dark day!)
and the guy at the screen is king
whereas with painting…
its still just you
only you
no programs gonna slap that oil on for ya baby
painting same as it ever was
music in constant flux
now i am a renaissance man
i can write poetry
i can can compose and play music
i can draw and paint
i can act (a bit)
i tell you all these disciplines inform the other
many shared principles
allow your mind to wander
allow your voice or fingers to move with some fluid grace
allow art into everything you do
i tell you i think about art and music every second of every day
i think of words i think of stories i think of songs
i see shape and form everywhere
i hear melody and harmony in natures divine sounds
i notice poetry in the speech of everyman
i notice when people are acting
i am reconnected to the vegetal kingdom
and flowers blow my fucking mind
blumenkraft fur ewigt
i take it all in
a giant filter examing everything as for its usefulness in art
i am in love with art and music
these things happen so easily for me now
and all i can say to those who wonder why
let go
let go
why dont you let go?
let go off your stiffness your rigidity
get some wonder into your mind
you are john lennon or renoir or dylan thomas
its all there for you except youre YOU
and they werent
but its all there
every coloursoundpoem
i’m gonna keep on trying
i’ve got to see where i can take this
its for its own sake now
not for money
(voice of reality: ignore that last remark)
there is a definite pattern unfolding right before my eyes
do i have enough years left
to keep this up
everything i do will be full of love
all of this
but with hard won patience
with strict discipline when necessary
a commitment to no straight lines or bum notes
keep exploring
everybody knows what i can do
why keep doing that?
do something and move on
let it go
oh how i long to let utmw go
so olde now
dont wanna ever talk about it
or sing it
or hear it or about it ever
just keep the silent royalties dribbling in
put it in the movies
yes please
sample it chop it up
cover it
do a disco or emo version
let the veronicas and bobby flynn and matchbox 20 sing it
i dont care
i was done with it years ago i wanna move on
imagine keep getting dragged back to one little point on yer arc
hey numbskulls i gotta move on now
let me go
(voice of reality: i want whatever he’s been smokin’)
no one can squeeze anything else out of that fucking thing
hey i’m painting ganesha in bondi on a huge piece of paper
ah they dont care
utmw makes money and thats all that matters
matter matters
at least utmw aint too bad if you gotta be saddled
it could be and frequently is worse
i dont mind it
but like
yeah uh huh
art/music ramble

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